For the Love of Nutella

If anyone can honestly tell me that they are not a fan of Nutella I will die! (I won’t but well I will be truly surprised!) It may not be the healthiest thing to include in your diet but once in a while when you want to indulge yourself with something Nutella is definitely the way to go! When I saw the recipe for Nutella Sushi Rolls I was immediately drawn to it!
All you need is:
  • 1 Pita Bread
  • A Ripe Banana (The longer the better!)
  • Nutella
  • Chocolate sprinkles
Defrost and slightly warm up the Pita Bread. The apply Nutella on it generously. Roll in the Banana tightly and cut it into 1 inch wide pieces. Finally garnish with chocolate sprinkles and serve.
Watch the video guide on our website, Facebook page Life Online or on our YouTube channel Life Online Tv. Try it out at home and let us know how it went!
Pictures and Video by Zeeshan Jabeer Akram

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