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I fought traffic to get to get to this place and it was worth my bad mood and the profanity I used towards the others on the road

#EatDrinkHilton - Tomatoes Takes The Spotlight


Are tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable? “A fruit!” exclaims Hilton’s Executive Chef Robert Mujagic when the very question was put forward to him.

Anita Dorai presents Kumarsutra Live in SL


Kumar Sutra is unapologetically honest and the audience loves it.

Dj Ruhi in Sri Lanka


Ruhi Bhardwaj, more famously known as “DJ Ruhi”, made her first international debut in Sri Lanka at the “Patio 25” club lastfriday, the 15th o

Buzz!!!! With Danu - Umeshi Rajeendra

Buzz With Danu

Today on the Buzz I speak to Umeshi who has brought new meaning to dancing and what it means to her.

Lovi Unveils Rise


Synonymous with sarongs in Sri Lanka, Lovi is on an unrelenting journey to make the sarong a garment of choice for the discerning fashion lovers

Daniel O’Donnell concert


A very special evening with Daniel and Mary

Everesting in Sri Lanka


Fiendishly simple, yet brutally hard. Everesting is the most difficult climbing challenge in the world!

Café Nuga’s Hoppers and Rotti menu


When we first reviewed Café Nuga last year, it was the healthy factor that really struck us

Arsikland! The Musical


Feroze Kamardeen talks of ambitious projects and of taking risks.