• Vegan Ginger Spice Cookies

    Vegan Ginger Spice cookies sound like the perfect Christmas treat to keep for Santa under the tree! Green Magic helped us whip up this ...

  • Christmas Pavlova

    Life Online got together with Randula from Recipe for Disaster to bake a Christmas inspired Pavlova. Maybe you too can bake this for Ch...

  • ’Maathra 10’

    Lyceum lnternational Schools are proud to present ’Maathra 10’

  • JB becomes musical

    JaffnaBoy, wanting to make an international impact, visits UMARA’S studio, to learn a few notes and bring out his inner Beyoncé!

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JB in J town Feast

Food has always been a part of the Jaffna culture, from a wedding to a funeral the food is lavish. In Jaffna, everything is cultivated ...

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