Dish It Out: Dheeshana Ameresekere


How do our food experts cook and eat? Dheeshana of Sri Lanka’s first meat-free boutique hotel Theva Residency takes our Q&A!

Bola’s Bakeshop


Dinushka Jayawickreme started Bola’s Bakeshop back in 2018 and successfully manoeuvred her home business during the turbulent times of lockdown last year. “Bola’s Bakeshop takes after my nickname – Bola. Most people don’t even know my actual name so it seemed like a good way to own it by naming my home business after it!”.

Cargills International Women’s Day Festival: The Peace Prompters


Kicking off the first of four consecutive Mondays which sees interesting panel discussions applicable to the modern Sri Lankan woman, The Peace Prompters delivered an interesting and thought-provoking discourse between Author and Researcher – Peacebuilding and Reconciliation Sarah Kabir, Writer, Researcher and Activist Amalini De Sayrah and Director for Legal and Advocacy NCEASL Yamini Ravindran.

The Alternate Universe Of Miyu Comics


Devanampiyatissa dressed in Viking battle gear, a somewhat sombre alter-ego of the notoriously silly Mahadana Muththa and a slightly unhinged Thoppi Welenda riding away into the night – these alternate universe art instantly throws me back into my childhood recalling the folklore I’ve read from school textbooks or heard in passing from my grandparents.

The Sari Aficionado


UK based entrepreneur Shana Mahendra runs a professional photography and videography company in London. The lissome beauty favours wearing the sari as she feels confident and comfortable, apart from feeling elegant.

Women’s Day 2021: Breaking Barriers


Breaking barriers is a challenge for every woman. Today more women are involved in many professions ranging from architecture to wildlife conservation among others. In view of Women’s Day, we spoke to a few women game-changers in varying fields who shared their experiences while giving a few words of advice to women who aspire to make a change in their respective fields.

Clogard : For trusted oral care solutions during the pandemic

Life Online Promos

As one of the major markets for spices back in the day, the then Ceylon had a flourishing spices trade during the colonial period. Clove was one of the most prized and expensive spices of ancient times that originated from Maluku Islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Even though the introduction of Cloves to Ceylon is not known, Ceylon Clove is notably richer in oil than other clove varieties found elsewhere in the world.

Dish It Out: Sarita De Fonseka

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How do our food experts cook and eat? Home catering business ‘Dot’s’ owner, Sarita takes our Q&A!

Cargills International Women’s Day Festival 2021


Creating a platform to celebrate International Women’s day, Savithri Rodrigo, the founder and creator of the online digital programme Kaleidoscope has joined forces with Taru, from Table by Taru at Lake Lodge to host Cargills International Women’s Day Festival - The Changemakers.