Cafe Kumbuk relocates to new location


Cafe Kumbuk has come a long way since it first opened in a striking building down Horton Place.

Will Shakes pulls off a bohemian launch for Hamlet @ Elsie’s Bar


The dimly lit Floor By O doubled as an Elizabethan tavern buzzing with media and theatre folks, when none other than Will Shakes - renowned poet and playwright - graced the gathering with his presence.

’We Remember’ - A show to remember


With tragic memories of the Easter Sunday bombings and rage filled hearts, the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka took the stage of the Lionel Wendt Theatre on the 15th September to share concern and support through their melodious music.

BUZZ with Danu - Yassas Gunaratne

Life Columns

Magic has always fascinated me, even when many people like to break and spoil the suspense of magic

It’s time to be ‘Politically ඉන්correct’!


‘Politically ඉන්correct’ presented by Identities Inc., promises loads of laughter, certainly followed by a series of ‘oohs and aahs’.

Kirby deLanerolle- on the WOW Life controversy

Latest Stories

The WOW (Works of Wonder) Life Church and in turn the ADC (Apostolic Diocese of Ceylon) have been mired in controversy and accusation once again, this time by U.S. minister and author J. Lee Grady

Inspired by FAT


New spots are always welcome. WTF took a ride to Galle Road to check out the all new Fatty Patty, a cute little place with a lot of cool features.

‘We Remember’


The Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka presents ‘We Remember’, an inspirational show which is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the Easter Sunday attacks.

Teppanyaki at Robata Grill - A Theatrical Experience


If you enjoy an entertaining and immersive dinner experience, then Teppanyaki at Robata Grill is for you!

Dining in Ella - Buds & Beans


Buds and Beans (B&B) café was a small, cozy tea and coffee spot we found while wondering around the Ella town. It has its sister café in Mirissa as well.