Il Cielo


Il Cielo is an Italian fine-dining restaurant that is tucked away in the corners of Hunupitiya Lake Road. Offering simple Italian delights and a stunning city view. Il Cielo opened its doors back in 2016 and has since created a name for itself among those who enjoy Italian gastronomy.

Blooming Cupcakes & Bouquets


At some point in our lives, most of us have had to decide between getting someone cupcakes or a bouquet of flowers. It’s never an easy decision, considering they both are pretty amazing. Putting an end to that gifting conundrum is Surani Jayaweera Jayamaha, whose new venture Blooming Cupcakes and Bouquets will mean you can now bid adieu to the predicament.

Not Fit For Dogs...

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For those of us who are in the animal welfare field, the word Nellikulama brings an involuntary shiver and a cringe of disgust and horror, for that name brings forth to us the memories of hundreds of poor innocent lives captured and tortured till the majority were murdered by the hands of human greed.

Gratiaen Prize 2019 Shortlist: Andrew Fidel Fernando

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The stage is being set for the 2019 edition of the Gratiaen Prize which will kick off on July 4 from 6.30pm onwards. The Gratiaen Trust is in the process of making arrangements to go digital this year, post-COVID.

The De Lanerolle Brothers Perform from the Lotus Tower

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‘From Sri Lanka with love’ will be the theme when a performance of 20 minutes will be “premiered” on YouTube by the brothers on the 28th of June 2020 at 6.00 pm Sri Lankan time.

5th Triennial Geoffrey Bawa Awards for Architectural Excellence

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The Geoffrey Bawa Trust announced eight shortlisted winners in the run-up to the 5th Geoffrey Bawa Awards for Excellence in Architecture. This effort is to recognise and reward outstanding architectural work in Sri Lanka. By honouring them, the Trust helps them to advance in their careers and create exposure for them.

Honeybee Desserts

Home businesses

HoneyBee Desserts is a home-based business that’s been in the industry since 2018. Run by mum and daughter duo, HoneyBee Desserts offer cookie bars in a range of innovative flavours. Setting themselves apart from brownies and blondies, these cookie bars experiment with a variety of different tastes and textures and offer their very own twist to each item.

Quarantine Home Bakers - 6


The coronavirus and the two-month lockdown haven’t been great for a lot of business – especially restaurants and cafés relying on hungry customers and diners to make a profit. But turning adversity into opportunity is a special skill we Sri Lankans seemed to have mastered over the years and that is exactly what we’ve successfully done in times like these.

WTF - Pedlar’s Inn Cafe

Life Columns

On WTF this week I went to my favourite place on earth, Galle. I dreamed about Galle all through my quarantine time at home. So we took a ride and saw the sunset from the most popular street at Galle Fort. When you visit Galle, if you don’t stop at Pedlar’s, you are missing out on completing the experience.