Issuing firearms to farmers - another short-sighted decision?

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Farmers in rural areas continue to suffer losses due to irreversible crop damage mainly caused by wild animals. Even though wild animals such as peacocks, wild boar, toque macaques are now perceived as pests, it is humans who have encroached into their habitats.

Revolutionizing Dog Training: Online Training for Effective and Humane Results

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Unlocking the potential of online training, one dog at a time, meet Ashwini Aiyar, a pioneering dog trainer who is revolutionizing the industry. With a passion for canine care and a deep understanding of dog behaviour, she has embraced the power of virtual training to provide effective and humane solutions for dogs and their owners. Armed with multiple certifications and years of experience, she has successfully conducted thousands of virtual tra

Sony World Photography Awards 2023: Rajeev Abeysekara wins National Award


Sony World Photography Awards, one of the most prestigious global platforms in the photography industry for individuals to showcase their talent, has awarded the Sri Lanka national award at the Sony World Photography Awards 2023 to Rajeev Abeysekara for his magnificent click of a leopard in the wilderness of Sri Lanka. Each year thousands across the world submit their best shots to go into the history books as a winner and it truly needs a maste

Ganu Denu

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Today I feature the team from Ganu Denu, an interesting concept, which is curated to help those who are in an uncomfortable position to ask for a wholesome meal. What I loved about this concept is the fact that we have so many people who have very limited funds to survive the 30 or 31 days in the calendar month.

Oh! Colombo: Tranquil Waters

OH Colombo

In only twenty minutes from Colombo, you can get to a blissful location to enjoy a relaxed few days in Talahena. Tranquil Waters, a gem of a property is a perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of Colombo. Tranquil Waters has three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a lush garden with a well-appointed 40 feet pool. All rooms are air-conditioned and have a king-sized bed. Full-flowing showers and plenty of hot water are available in the

Scrumptious Cups By Nazrun


In this series, we talk to people who turned their passion for food and baking into a business idea. We talk to home bakers who are constantly experimenting and innovating and navigating through these difficult times to bring the sweet and the savoury to our doorsteps.

The ‘Stache: A Brunch Spot Worth Discovering


If you’re on the lookout for the latest brunch spot with a cute ambience and a tantalizing menu, look no further than The ‘Stache, down De Fonseka Road, Colombo 5. Founded by Tash, who previously owned the renowned Tosakanth’s Roast Paan, this breakfast and brunch restaurant is a delightful addition to the culinary scene. Tash’s hands-on and diligent approach ensures that the staff are familiar with flavours and consistently deliver exceptional

30th Gratiaen Prize Shortlist Revealed Alongside Young Writers Club Launch


The 30th Gratiaen Prize shortlist was revealed during the launch of the Gratiaen Trust Young Writers Club on May 17, 2023. The Gratiaen Trust, in partnership with the John Keells Foundation for the fourth consecutive year, and with the support of the British Council as the event partner, announced the shortlisted writers for the prestigious Gratiaen Prize.

Beauty by Rosh Empowering Beauty Enthusiasts Globally Through Education and Creativity


Beauty by Rosh is where creativity meets education, and makeup becomes a powerful tool for self-expression. Rosh, a renowned beauty influencer and makeup artist, has captured the hearts of beauty enthusiasts globally with her unique approach to the industry. In this interview, we delve into the inspiration behind her journey, her makeup masterclass, her product line, and her vision for the future.

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Sri Lanka Opens ‘The Foreigners’


The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Sri Lanka (MMCA Sri Lanka) opened its new exhibition titled ‘The Foreigners’ on 4 May 2023, at its premises on the ground floor of Crescat Boulevard, Colombo 3. Curated by Sandev Handy and Sharmini Pereira, ‘The Foreigners’ brings together the works of 15 contemporary artists who use varying media to address the entangled ways foreignness is inscribed onto them, marking them as strangers, outsiders, or tr