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Today I went to the most tagged request, Chaiwala Colombo. I must say it’s a smart business model with a lot of scope. I’m so not the tea drinker; I’m not the guy who HAS to have his afternoon tea at 3 o’clock. So I was kind of reluctant when I had to try the tea but they made me eat my words. The Masala tea really did have the kick and the right kind of balance and I ended up having two cups.

Urgent call to protect Sri Lanka’s dwindling population of Turtles

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Over 250 carcasses of turtles, dolphins and whales have so far washed ashore following the X-Press Pearl inferno. While investigations are underway, conservationists speculate that the intensity of damage is much greater if the entire ocean bed is thoroughly inspected. However, with more carcasses, especially of turtles being reported from various parts of the island, this incident is a wake-up call to conserve the remaining population of turtles

Sriyani Wickramasinghe: Work on a plan to leave a legacy

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‘Your Community’ hopes to give some inspirational women entrepreneurs this all too important break – whether it’s an order from an individual, a shop, an overseas client, or just the satisfaction and comfort of knowing they are not forgotten. That someone in the heart of the city can now hear their voice and link with them to help expand their reach.

Where have the sawfish of Sri Lanka gone?

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Sawfish belong to the “cartilaginous fishes”, which include all sharks and rays. What is distinct about sawfishes are their saw-like rostra with “teeth” on either side that are an extension of their skulls!

Magnificent Dutch Fort in Kalpitiya: From Portuguese territory to current Vijaya Naval Base


Kalpitya Dutch Fort is one of the main features, in this historic city of Kalpitiya, which is the main trading point in a narrow land that stretches to the north for about 50 kilometres beyond Puttlam, parallel to the mainland. Weatherworn and centuries-old, this majestic structure was built by the Dutch between 1667 and 1676.

Meditation For the Curious


Does one have to be trained in sitting cross-legged for forty-five minutes straight before qualifying to be a ‘meditator’? Should one be well versed with the Buddhist scriptures before embarking on a journey within? Or should one have read in-depth about the Vedic philosophy and the fundamentals of breathwork known as pranayama?

DSD Cakes


For home baker Deepika Nishshanka, the lockdown last year allowed her to turn a hobby into a business as she managed to find the time to craft what was once a passionate hobby into a full-time business. “After perfecting my technique, I was able to get a lot of orders and create a brand for myself. The idea behind the brand ‘DSD Cakes’ is to have a brand name that represents both myself and my husband – the biggest supporter in this venture!”.

Cafe Maitland


Anyone who has lived in the Mount Lavinia area, or Colombo for that matter, has known the almost palatial monument known as the Mount Lavinia Hotel to be a place of grandeur. It has also over the years made quite a name for its food - local delicacies with their own little twist.

Rice of the World @ The Hilton


It goes without saying that rice is the staple food in Sri Lanka. But did you know that countless other countries across the world have their own take on rice? I didn’t know this, and seeing the colourful presentation of 8 different rice-based dishes as I sat at Graze Kitchen at the Hilton, blew my mind!