Aunty Mani Celebrates 100 Years

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It’s very rarely that you meet a centenarian. What’s more, one who is fit, healthy, mentally alert, fiercely independent, cheerful and happy and above all a truly lovely person, inside and out. Well, that’s Aunty Mani and I was privileged to meet with her post her 100th birthday which fell on 13th April. In fact, this wonder woman still accepts orders for dressmaking as well as her Jaffna specialities which are delectable and much sought after.

Chaiwala Colombo - A brew to spice-up your taste buds


A small tea kiosk down Marine Drive has been the talk of the town as of late. Serving spice-infused tea, better known as Chai, Chaiwala Colombo is the latest example to be added to the list of entrepreneurial ventures in the face of the pandemic.

Bacon Jam - A versatile spread


Trying any type of new food is a challenge I accept with glee. Therefore when I was tasked with reviewing Bacon Jam by Anjo’s I took to the task like a duck to water. I mean, who does not love bacon!

Celebrate this Mother’s Day With Park Street Gourmet

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Park Street Gourmet is back again with an amazing hamper collection to celebrate yet another important day. Following the success of their Valentine’s Day hampers, Park Street Gourmet has introduced a range of Mother’s Day speciality hampers starting from Rs. 5,000 onwards available now till the 9th of May 2021.

Stigmata - 21 Years of Heavy Metal

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Stigmata is back on the map (Not like they ever left, but you know what I mean), and they are back with a brand new, hair raising, exciting single, “Throw Glass in a House of Stone”. This is the third release of their new and 5th still-untitled album of which the other two singles were released last year.

Buzz with Danu - Kumudini David

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The Buzz takes a visit this week into the quarantine centre all thanks to Kumudini who has been making positive waves on social media in collecting funds to help those who are in need at these centres. It’s so amazing to see how a little bit of kindness can go such a long way.

W@W - Shazna Muzammil


For Shazna Muzammil, politics has been something she grew up with. The daughter of the former Mayor of Colombo, Shazna is busy in the run-up to the 2021 Milton Keynes council election in the UK scheduled for May 6. Having received nominations from the Conservative Party, Shazna aims to address some key issues from shutting up landfills to fixing the roads and redways and tackling crimes in her area.

Raising Awareness for a Safe Environment for Women


For a country that made history around the world by electing the first female Prime Minister many decades ago, Sri Lanka has made slow growth in terms of addressing women’s rights. In terms of physical, sexual, emotional, and/or economic violence and/or controlling behaviours by a partner, statistics state a staggering two in every five women are unfortunate victims of such abusive behaviour.

Tales From The Crypt: A Conversation On Visibility, Advocacy And Storytelling


Creating a safe space for experiences, thoughts, fears and dreams, ‘Tales From The Crypt’ is a collection of Tamil and English stories, poems and photographs on the personal recounts of life, love, courage and healing. The 135 paged Zine recently released and made available online, is the effort of the Women and Media Collective (WMC).

The Delicacy


Lubna Imtizam has always had a passion for baking and whipping up quick desserts. “Two of my favourite hobbies include baking and decorating, so my aim was to create a curated dessert box that combines the two. I’m very particular about creating something unorthodox and aesthetically pleasing. Beauty lies in all of the little details and I would like to showcase that through my dessert box!”.