Sabina & Helen Set to Perform at Reverie


The much-anticipated show ‘Reverie’, scheduled to be held on the 14th of July 2024 at the Hilton Colombo Grand Marquee, promises to be an enchanting evening of song and music. The event will feature performances by the renowned De Lanerolle Brothers with Sureka Amarasinghe on Piano. Most significantly, the show will be graced by two of the world’s most prominent soprano singers: Sabina Cvilak and Helen Massey.

Fashionably Danu - Suit By Embellir

Fashionably Danu

Today I speak about suiting up, if you know me, I’m a big fan of getting a well fitted suit and it’s gives so much of confidence, it’s my life life jacked, in our little island home, I’m so happy to have worked with some amazing personalities who have crafted master pieces on those same lines I spoke about ~ Suit By Embellir which is located at Colombo City Center and here is their journey

Yi Jing At ITC Ratnadipa


Yi Jing, the ITC Ratnadipa’s Chinese restaurant, promises a “symphony of Asian culinary traditions,” and based on my recent experience, it delivers a delightful experience. The path to Yi Jing, the ITC Ratnadipa’s Chinese restaurant, might prove a touch labyrinthine for the uninitiated. However, perseverance is rewarded. Follow the signage and you will find your destination without an issue. Stepping off the elevator, you’re greeted by floor-to-

Naomi Rajaratnam’s Epic Black Prepares to Take Centre Stage


If there was ever a perfect embodiment of the saying ‘the show must go on,’ it would be the upcoming dance production, ‘Epic Black’. Scheduled to be held on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of August 2024 at the Bishop’s College Auditorium, Epic Black will be the latest production put forward by Naomi Rajaratnam’s dance school, With My Feet. With a legacy of spectacular shows spanning decades, this year’s show, Epic Black, will serve as a heartfelt tribut

BeWaxed Unveils App


Durga Kenny, the founder and director of BeWaxed, Sri Lanka’s first dedicated waxing salon, has always been a trendsetter. In 2013, she recognised a gap in the market - waxing was often seen as a secondary service offered alongside other treatments at salons and spas. Durga envisioned a different experience, a space dedicated solely to the art of waxing, prioritising hygiene, comfort, and a variety of options for every client. This vision became

Dancesport Championship 2024


The Dancesport Championship 2024 Sri Lanka, held on July 7th at the Golden Rose in Boralesgamuwa, was a vibrant celebration of movement, music, and rhythm. Organised by El Latino Dance Academy (ELDA), a leading dance school in Sri Lanka, the championship brought together nine leading dance schools under the guidance of ELDA’s founder, the esteemed dance teacher and choreographer Kevin Nugara. The competition featured 15 different dance styles ca

EPIC BLACK: A Tribute to Resilience and the Power of Dance


The well-known dance production house, With My Feet, is set to stage Epic Black choreographed by Naomi Rajaratnam – the legendary dancer and choreographer. Showcasing diverse dance disciplines, Epic Black will take to the stage on the 9th, 10 th, and 11th of August 2024 at the Bishop’s College Auditorium. The event will add to With My Feet’s long line of stellar performances, whilst also serving as a heartfelt tribute to the late Trevor Rajaratna

Tarlton Tea Shop & Cafe


Situated in the heart of Colombo Fort, Tarlton Tea Shop & Cafe is a cosy haven for all tea lovers who are on a quest to elevate their palate. Ventura Tea (Pvt) Ltd in collaboration with Nook Cakery & Cafe held a soft launch with guests being treated to a pleasant array of tea and canapes. With the vision of expanding the horizons of Sri Lankan cuisine, Tarlton promises a unique experience to its patrons. The menu at Tarlton comprises a large rang

The Whinging Pome: Arugambay


Arugam Bay is the most popular tourist destination in the east of Sri Lanka and is a premier surfing and chill location for the young at heart. For me, it is a good three-day visit only, but I don’t surf, sunbathe or spend much time on beaches. Oh yes, I’m over fifty years old and don’t want to wrinkle. Berlitz Pocket Guide covers “Abay” in only 65 words. I have spent a week in the area and made about ten short visits to this hippie-style locati

TEN.30: A Hideaway in Hikkaduwa


Travelling down south is always a pleasurable experience. This time was no different as I stayed at Ten.30 Villa in Hikkaduwa which was an exceptional experience, truly embodying the essence of a “home away from home” but with added luxury. This beachside property, originally built as a holiday home, now welcomes guests to enjoy its many charms. The villa boasts four well-appointed bedrooms and a stunning penthouse with scenic sea views, all equ