“Film is a fantastic medium to tell stories’’


Two fantastic artists in their fields; award-winning filmmaker, writer, and tv critic Vimukthi Jayasundara and multidisciplinary artist Muvindu Binoy collaboratively screened their individual short films at the French Spring Festival 2022. ‘Survival of the Fragile’ by Binoy and ‘Sankofa’ by Jayasundara are two films that share nothing in common yet find their middle ground through their non-narrative style of storytelling.

Dish It Out: Tea Podu


How do our food experts cook and eat? This week, vloggers of ‘Tea Podu’ – a YouTube food vlog with over 18k subscriptions and 53k followers on TikTok, Usama Naufer, Yusuf Jawed and camera handler Mohammed Rinaz take our Q&A!

Life’s always good at the ‘Life’s Good Kitchen’


A small signboard at the beginning of Kassapa Road from Jawatte end directs you to a cosy café with a lot of greenery in its interior. At Life’s Good Kitchen, customers can get a close-to-nature experience while dining with some of their uniquely curated dishes.

Tag me @danu - Nepal

Tag me @danu

This week I took a trip to Nepal. I must say, it’s one of the most diverse and richly cultured countries in Asia. I only experienced a fraction of them, but it was an incredible experience. If you ever visit this little gem wedged between India and China, here is my experience.

Food Crisis

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A worldwide crisis brought on by record-high food prices will push millions more people into severe poverty, exacerbate hunger and malnutrition, and threaten to undo years of hard-won progress. People in low- and middle-income nations are more affected by rising food costs than those in high-income countries because they spend a higher percentage of their income on food.

ALEAF: A sustainable fashion brand


ALEAF, a sustainable fashion brand by Alafiya Najmudeen was born out of a desire to create products from earth-friendly materials that were sourced responsibly. Aiming to be a brand that is more than a smattering of buzzwords, ALEAF hopes to embody the ethics they believe in.

Fathi’s Spice Attic


Fathi’s Spice Attic by Fathi Haniffa was founded back in 2016 under the name ‘Cripsy Delights’. Having realised that many food-based businesses share the name ‘Delight’ in their brand, she wanted something more unique and personal and ‘Fathi’s Spice Attic’ was born. “It’s my very own virtual spice attic! I am proud of my business concept and I wanted it to have my name.”

Tag Me @Danu - Cinnamon Lakeside

Tag me @danu

This week I was tagged to enjoy a High Tea menu. The concept of High Tea started as something for Royals and Aristocrats to take in the afternoon at leisure while seated in posh chairs which are high-backed.



On June 23rd ‘Musical Narratives’, a live drawing concert by Parisian singer-songwriter Pauline Drand and comic book artist Adrien Houillère took place at the Alliance Française de Colombo as a part of the French Spring Festival 2022.

School Closures


School closures carry high social and economic costs for people across communities. Their impact, however, is particularly severe for the most vulnerable and marginalized boys and girls and their families.