Meet the Cast: A Nightmare in Wonderland


The Mad Hatter’s Collective presents a dark twist to Lewis Carroll’s magical wonderland with ‘A Nightmare in Wonderland’. Written by Wayne White, produced by Johann ‘Paala’ Perera, and directed by Reihan Stephen and Wayne White, the play unfolds the story of a shattered mind consumed by chaos and the price one pays for a poisoned imagination. A 10-member cast will take the spotlight this July, and ahead of the big day, we caught up with the cast

Sri Theatre Company Presents - Once Upon a Family


Since debuting their first-ever original theatre production in 2014, Sri Theatre Company has gone on to stage a number of original plays, providing avid theatre-goers in the hill capital the opportunity to experience quality English Theatre. Sri Theatre Company has staged four original theatre productions including ‘‘21st Century Monk’, ‘Anarchy’, ‘To be or Knot to be’, ‘It’s all amidst’ and are now prepping for their latest - ‘Once Upon A Famil

Ashok Ferry Wins The Gratiaen Prize 2021!


The winner of the Gratiaen Prize 2021 is Ashok Ferrey for his novel The Unmarriageable Man, published by Penguin, India. The winner was announced at a hybrid event with a limited in-person audience at the Barefoot Gallery in Colombo on 22nd June at 6.30 pm. The event was simultaneously live-streamed on the Facebook page of the Gratiaen Trust.

Dish It Out: Ru Athukorala


How do our food experts cook and eat? This week, food blogger of @ruscookbook, Ru, takes our Q&A!

The Bake Lounge


Baking her favourite goodies for family and loved ones for years, Rimaza Niyas hardly gave any thought to making a business out of her skills. But with endless requests and constant motivation from her family and friends who loved her baked goods and wanted them out in the market, Rimaza launched her home-based baking venture ‘The Bake Lounge’ in June 2020.

Buzz with Danu - Harin Fernando

Buzz With Danu

Tourism is the only solution say the experts, looking at Sri Lanka and the economic crunch. How can we get the dollars in and how can we bring some kind of normalcy to our country is the question in all our minds.

Linsky Gamage - Creating short films to make a change


Sri Lanka’s short film industry got a new boost during the COVID lockdown as budding filmmakers started shooting short films on their mobile phones. Over the past two years, the short film space has given some hope to young blood with creative concepts. Linsky Gamage is one such budding short film director who has a passion to give a message out to society through his lens.

The Mad Hatters’ Collective Present ‘A Nightmare In Wonderland’


Lewis Carroll’s magical wonderland takes a dark twist down the rabbit hole in The Mad Hatter’s Collective’s adaptation of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ this July. A Nightmare in Wonderland follows the story of Alice, committed to the Wittsend Asylum -far from the wonderland she knows - after attacking her father with a kitchen knife.

Dish It Out: Kay Seneviratne


How do our food experts cook and eat? This week, Chef Kay of Kay’s Kitchen takes our Q&A!

Hospitality in the North: Fox Resorts Jaffna

Boutique hotels

With fuel shortages in the country, Fox Resorts encourages train travel with their new travel-inclusive hotel offers. It’s 5.30 AM and I’m standing on platform 3 of the Fort Railway Station with too many bags balanced on my shoulders as I wait for the AC Intercity train to take me to Jaffna.