New ice creams by Venice by Ocean

Once your taste buds savour the delights of really good homemade ice creams, chances are, it will be tough to go back to commercially produced brands. I must confess the same ever since I tasted the ice creams made by Oceanie De Silva, the chirpy and food-loving lady behind Venice by Ocean.  
We tried out her delicious ice creams early last year and were honestly blown away by the fresh high quality ingredients (both local and imported) which made these ice creams a cut above the rest. 
The ice creams come in three varieties Flavours, Special Flavours and Limited Edition Flavours. 
Oceanie has come up with a number of new flavours and we dug into eight of them. These were our thoughts...  
Taste and value for money – 5.5 stars 
Let’s start with the Coffee with Oreo (Rs 1,600 to Rs 1,800 – 1 litre and Rs 850 to Rs 950 – 500ml) which comes under the Special Flavours variety. The base is that of coffee ice cream and the coffee used is sourced from New Orleans and is therefore strong and vibrant while the chunks of Oreos add a fun aspect to this deep and rich ice cream.
The Orange Chocolate (Rs 1,600 to Rs 1,800 – 1 litre and Rs 850 to Rs 950 – 500ml) was another flavour in the same variety. In my books, chocolate and orange are two flavours that just don’t go down well but this ice cream seemed to change that for me possibly due to the decadent chocolate flavour coupled with the subtle notes of freshly grated orange zest – it was simply spectacular.  
One of her most popular among flavours is the Salted Caramel (Rs 1,250 – 1 litre and Rs 650 – 500ml) which comes under the Flavours variety. The base of this ice cream is vanilla while Oceanie makes the salted caramel from scratch, the result, a perfect balance of sweet and salty while a more fun flavour was the Mint Chocolate Chip (Rs 1,250 – 1 litre and Rs 650 – 500ml). This peppermint and chocolate chip ice cream doesn’t have the overpowering minty notes of the usual mint ice creams possibly because peppermint is a more refined flavour while she uses just a hint of it so as to not overpower the ice cream. 
And now on to the Limited Edition Flavours of which, our pick was definitely, the New York Nutter Butter (Rs 2,000 – 1 litre and Rs 1,050 – 500ml). The base is made using vanilla ice cream into which she incorporates peanut butter and Nutter Butter Cookies. It was creamy and decadent and nutty and all things marvelous
The Bali Summer (Rs 2,000 – 1 litre and Rs 1,050 – 500ml) is a coconut ice cream made with coconut cream and with coconut chips while you can even opt for chocolate coated coconut chips! This tropical dream was like having a Piña Colada minus the rum and the pineapple of course, but you get my drift! 
We also couldn’t have enough of the Missouri Almond Brittle (Rs 2,000 – 1 litre and Rs 1,050 – 500ml). The mellow vanilla ice cream coupled with the crunch that comes from the almond brittle makes for a delicious ice cream with fabulous textures. 
Another one of our favourites was the decadent Hawaiian Macadamia (Rs 2,000 – 1 litre and Rs 1,050 – 500ml), which is a rich chocolate based ice cream with toasted macadamia nuts – A real classy treat! 
Note: 48 hours notice required
Tel: 077-315-8550
Pix by Kanishke Ganewatte 

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  1. Stride says:

    In my books chocolate and orange flavour goes well. Especially if it is in Cake.

  2. Stride says:

    Orange and Chocolate go well together, especially if it is in Cake

  3. Leena says:

    Very interesting types. Bet some of them taste great. Terrible looking photos though

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