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Healthy Eats is a delivery-only food option for those looking for healthy controlled meals. The brainchild of Dano's owner, Roshani Raju, Healthy Eats grew from  popular demand by Dano's customers looking for a healthy meal. 

A cooking enthusiast since her younger days, Roshani discovered her passion for cooking when she lived in Australia craving for a homecooked Sri Lankan meal. Even though she worked extensively in the corporate sector for over 10 years, she soon realized that her passion and drive were elsewhere. After resigning, she first started Dano's and later extended her cooking to Healthy Eats. 

Healthy Eats delivers meals tailor made for the health-conscious with the right balance of proteins and carbs by controlling calories and portions for any weight control or weight loss needs. While it doesn't cater to individual diet plans, Roshani and her team have created a fixed menu that is healthy in every sense. 

"Every food item we offer is done in a calorie controlled manner and we are very strict on that." explains Roshani. "Our meals can even be pasta or fried rice but we make it healthy because we've taken every measure to give them the correct portions of everything," she added. 

Healthy Eats ensures that the food is healthy by using special steaming techniques and controlled ingredients. Their dishes are prepared using only olive oil and the freshest of vegetables. 

Their menu offers rice and curry, salads, broths, meats, cereal and dessert. 

We tried their Breakfast Pack (Rs. 300) offered for breakfast. The breakfast pack is composed of yoghurt, cereal, raisins and banana. Their homemade yoghurt together with a mix of cereals and banana slices was a healthy and filling meal that's great for anyone who wants a light morning breakfast. They also offer Double Egg Omelettes with less of the yellow yolk and Tuna Sandwiches in the morning. 

For lunch, they offer Rice and Curry (Rs. 350) two ways; red/white rice or yellow rice along with three vegetables and a meat of your choice. 

We tried their red rice with fish and an assortment of vegetables such as beetroot and beans along with a mallum and dhal curry. 

We especially liked the yellow rice that was served with chicken and dhal curry along with potatoes and batu moju. 

They also offer Chicken and Prawn Ramen Broth (Rs. 450) which is flavoursome and packed with chicken and prawn. The trick to eating healthy is not to forgo taste and flavours but to know the portions you eat which are perfectly done by Healthy Eats as they give a small quantity of rice and larger quantity of vegetable and meats so there is less carbs and more proteins. 

For dinner, they keep it light with fresh salads served together with chicken or fish. 

We tried their Lemon Chicken and Salad (Rs. 500) which came with fresh vegetables and boiled chicken together with a scoop of potato mash. 

Their menu offers a range of dishes and the Healthy Eats team is always flexible with their menu. Overall, Healthy Eats just goes to show that eating healthy doesn't come at a cost! We loved their food and thought it was a convenient healthy food option for anyone looking for a long term clean eating plan. 

* Free delivery during lunchtime. 

Phone: 0775879050 / 0777315122

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