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The newest bistro on the block, The Embazzy, stands out on Flower Road thanks to its classy exterior and imposing presence. But did its food live up to the hype? We dropped by to find out.

What’s immediately evident when you walk into The Embazzy is an impressive array of quirky ornaments representing a number of countries adorning tabletops, shelves and walls. Primarily of gold and black accents, they add flair to the tastefully decorated space. Seating options across The Embazzy are an eclectic mix that made for comfortable seating. 

The Embazzy has quite a large beverage menu to pick out of, which includes a Specials range, milkshakes, coffees and teas. I tried the Deep Sea Explorer (Rs. 500) from their Specials range. The drink is a striking sea green in hue and pretty to look at but ultimately tasted too peppermint-y for my liking. I also had the Flavoured Latte (Rs. 620) with hazelnut. The latte was good - if it was just the latte I had ordered. The hazelnut flavour was nonexistent, making the latte disappointing. Where the Deep Sea Explorer and the Flavoured Latte were disappointing, the Kiwi Win (Rs. 500), much like its name, was definitely a winner! Perfectly balanced out flavours with the right amount of zing to it, the Kiwi Win is a drink I would definitely go back for!

While the drinks had their highs and lows, the food fared a lot better. The Sichuan Peppered Calamari (Rs. 520) was a crowd favourite and devoured in minutes! The calamari was perfectly fried and well seasoned. The dip was just the right amount of spicy that paired well with the fried calamari. Also, a satisfying starter was the Loaded Fries (Rs. 800) which included chicken bacon, tomato relish, fried shallots and diced onions topped with melted cheese sauce. The portion was large, hearty and can easily be shared between two or even three people. 

I tried the Seafood Puttanesca (Rs. 1350) which comprised a mix of fresh seafood in a rich tomato and olive-based sauce, and came recommended. The pasta will remind you of a pasta tossed in pesto sauce. This is not actually a bad thing - it made the pasta that much yummier. I also tried the Aussie Parma (Rs. 1350), a popular pub food. It consisted of crumb fried chicken wrapped around a layer of chicken ham and topped with a fried egg and melted cheese. It was served with a side of fries. Another great dish that will fill you up within minutes and makes for great comfort food. The Peri Peri Chicken (Rs. 1190) was served with corn on the cob and couscous. The chicken and the couscous were both cooked to perfection. What made the dish lacklustre compared to the other two, however, was the fact that the chicken could have been spicier since couscous has such a mild flavour. 

The Embazzy has a range of cakes on display, so we tried the Mocha slice. The cake was moist, and the coffee flavour was strong enough to make the cake rich and yummy.

The Embazzy has got a great ambience going for it, which makes it a great spot for everything from catching up with friends to even a romantic date. They’ve also got a space with screens for all those who want to catch up with friends for some gaming. Service was good and staff were friendly and helpful. 

What we recommend: Kiwi Win, Sichuan Peppered Calamari and the Seafood Puttanesca
Parking facilities: Parking available
Toilets: yes
Would we go again? Definitely!

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