Playtrix Golf Room

Playtrix is hands down one of the most versatile locations in Colombo. The pub/lounge transforms across a number of different shapes and forms. Weekdays are a casual, sports-centred affair with a focus on the multiple TV screens placed throughout the location which allows patrons to watch a sport of their choice on the screen dedicated to their table. 

Towards week’s end, the place acts as a popular pre-party destination and focuses on the spin tables and the ambience. Mid-week also sees open mic sessions and other themed nights, truly illustrating the versatility of the location. 

Playtrix recently launched its second location – the Playtrix Golf Room at the Taj Samudra Hotel. The new location houses an indoor golf simulator which allows pros, enthusiasts and patrons to try their hand at golf on the simulator and also enjoy a range of food and beverages. 



1. The Full House served up at Playtrix, Race Course is perhaps the mother of all hotdogs! Stuffed with Pork sausages and garnished with Bacon and Cheese, the dish is served up with a side of Fries, Ketchup and Tartar. The entire affair is an over indulgence of taste and does wonders for anyone with a love of Hotdogs. 



2. The Mixed Platter Starter is a plate of goodies that really lives up to its role of being a starter with a bite. Whether its accompaniment on a night out or a side on the lunch table, the mixed platter performs exceptionally. Comprising Chicken Wings, Kochchi Bites, Cheese Sticks and Polos Cutlets, the platter is something for everyone and for any hard core foodie – simply everything. 



3. The Springbok Burgeris what dreams are made of for any Burger purists around. Arguably, the best Burger in town, the Springbok packs a patty of tender Australian grass-fed in a simple decking of Lettuce and Tomato dressed in Cheese, served with a side of fries and Coleslaw. Words simply cannot do justice to the wonder that is the Springbok Burger, except to say, it is a must-try if ever there was one. 



4. The Mushroom Risotto served at the newly opened Playtrix Golf Room is not part of my typical order, but made its way to my table because of a vegetarian friend I took along. The Risotto is very rich and completed to perfection, filling in as a generous portion with great taste. 



5. The Fish and Chips at the Playtrix Golf Room comes very close to challenging the throne reserved for the best Fish and Chips in town. I’m not sure what the Fish used for the dish is, but the dish itself is uniquely tender and done just right as far as anyone would note. The fillet is served in a generous portion and accompanies a side of fries and a great Tartar dip. The fish itself is exquisite in quality and comes close to being undisputed as the best. 


6. The standard Roast Chicken and Gravy, again at the Playtrix Golf Room is a great standard to be met for Roast Chicken. I have tasted better renditions of the classic dish, however, the serving at Playtrix does not garner any complaints. The gravy is great and the Chicken itself isn’t too dry nor bland. Another great option for lunch and dinner alike should you find yourself with the Playtrix menu in hand. 

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