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Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is bringing the best of “bistro” and “gastronomy” to its restaurants around the world in its latest “Bistronomie” food promotion which runs from October 20 to November 20, 2017. Taking inspiration from a trend that started in France two decades ago and has now become a global culinary movement, the hospitality group’s talented chefs have created seven exclusive “Bistronomie” dishes. Today, “Bistronomie” is synonymous with high-quality French cuisine with a twist and Mövenpick, which is renowned for its culinary expertise, has mastered it. Leading the team of chefs in presenting Bistronomie is Dinesh Perera the Head Chef of the Brasserie.I along with a few others were fortunate enough to be invited for a preview of the menu and by all accounts the food on offer was ‘magnifique’.


What is Bistronomie?
This was inspired based on a trend that began in France about two decades ago. The Chefs created seven exclusive items based on the concept derived in the 90’s . Young French Chefs re-created classic dishes and served them in a new style of casual and less stuffy. Basically a “Bistro” style. 

What was the consideration behind devising this menu?
By creating this less stuffy bistro style, we wanted to ensure this high-quality French cuisine with a twist and Mövenpick, which is renowned for its culinary expertise comes together to introduce this “Bistronomie” concept across all Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts worldwide.

What regions of France do these dishes represent?
These dishes represent the style of gastronomy and not a particular region. Dishes range from all over France. 

What ingredients are sourced internationally and locally?
Mainly the seafood and vegetable items are sourced locally while the Salmon and Beef is imported as well as the black mussels. 

What (if any) traditional French cooking methods have been employed to create this cuisine?
All cooking methods based in French cuisine has been taken into consideration with 14 basic cooking methods. We have used most of them like braising, poaching etc.

What are some of the dishes that will be available during this promotion?
The new “Bistronomie” menu will include “Salade Niçoise”, “Plateau de Fruits de Mer” (Seafood platter), “Moules Marinières” (Mussels with garlic and sweet cream butter), “Cabillaud à la Bordelaise” (Cod fillet), “Pot au Feu à la Bourgeoise” (Beef topside hot pot) and “Cordon-bleu au Comté” (Veal rump steak).  In line with the company’s commitment to offering personalised experiences, the individual preferences and tastes of guests have been taken into consideration, with vegetarian options available – “Pot au Feu Végétarien” (Vegetable hot pot) - for example. 

What are the chef’s personal recommendations?
Chef recommends all dishes but of course the “Pot au Feu à la Bourgeoise” (Beef topside hot pot) tops it! 

Are there alternatives for vegetarians who would like to sample French gastronomy during this promotion?
“Pot au Feu Végétarien” (Vegetable hot pot).  In addition, some dishes such as the seafood platter are customisable to include specific ingredients selected by diners.

Who would be your dream celebrity guests to add end during this promotion and why?
Paul Bocuse the Master of French Cuisine ! After 50 years of Michelin-star recognition, this hero of French gastronomy has built an empire based on regional cuisine. 

Louise Cowcher - 
“The variety and the freshness of the food was excellent. 
The tastes were subtle and not covered in heavy sauces. 
A real delight!”

Pics by Nisal baduge




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