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We recently dropped By The Grill at The Kingsbury for dinner and were impressed by the food, the service and the incredible ambience. They’ve also expanded their menu and refurbished their space since  our last visit.

The Grill is an elongated space that affords a scenic view on account of the floor to ceiling glass panels throughout the space, and we were able to catch the sunset in all its glory. In addition to an updated menu, The Grill was also refurbished recently, so if you’ve been here before, you’d notice that the white cane furniture has been replaced by plush furniture that adds colour to the space. Paired with ambient lighting, the look ties in to create a sophisticated space.

Considering the dim lighting at The Grill, it’s pretty nifty that their custom made menu lights up, so you don’t have to squint or angle your menu so you can check out what they have. We picked a mocktail to get us started - the King Coconut Refresher (Rs. 580) with was a combo of king coconut water, watermelon juice and fresh mint leaves. The drink was refreshingly light and wasn’t uber sweet, and we were also able to discern the ingredients easily.

The Food
We picked the Crab, Salmon, Mussels and Spring Onion Tart (Rs. 800) as our appetiser, which made for great start. Served with assorted French greens, the tart reminded us of a crab cake, moreso because the crab seemed to dominate, flavour wise. The French greens which were tossed in a vinaigrette added a much needed textural element to the appetiser. We’d definitely recommend this one. We also opted for a soup - the Red Lentil, Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup (Rs. 700). 

The creamy consistency of the soup paired with the garlic toast, makes it feel hearty, and it was just enough for one person without filling you up obscenely before you could progress to the main meal. Nevertheless, we thought the red lentil overpowered any semblance of sweet potato completely.

For main, we ordered the Striploin (Rs. 3100) which was served with mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, roasted garlic and onion, and pepper sauce. We opted for it to be prepared medium rare, and prepared medium rare it was. The outside was perfectly charred and the insides were juicy. The silky mashed potato was the perfect accompaniment, but we thought the pepper sauce was a tad too pepper hot.

We also tried the Mediterranean Chicken N Chips(Rs. 1900) which comprised panko crusted stuffed chicken thighs with cheese served with mixed greens and steak fries. While it wasn’t necessarily an item off the grill, it is a great option for those who may not want to opt for a steak. Panko is great for fried food because it absorbs less oil and ensures that the meat is extra crispy. The meat itself was succulent and flavoursome.  

We picked two of their desserts, The Best Coffee and Walnut Cake (Rs. 900) and Dolly’s Bramble Custard Fruit Trifle (Rs. 900). The cake was truly quite amazing and perfectly moist, and came topped with macaroons and coffee chocolate sauce. The Fruit Trifle was mixed with assorted fruits and berries and the tartness of the berries and the sweet custard were a match made in heaven.


'You get what you pay for’ was an apt description of our experience at The Grill. The waitstaff were friendly and efficient, the food was well presented and flavourful, and the ambience was the cherry on top. If you’re willing to splurge for a special occasion or just decide to treat yourself (as you should!), then The Grill certainly doesn’t disappoint. Their new menu now also includes pastas and burgers as well as a few vegetarian options (even though, technically, who expects vegetarian items at a grill?), ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Do make it a point to get there in time to catch the sunset, which frankly, is a gorgeous sight.

Hours of Operation: Everyday 11:30 am – 11:30 pm
For reservations call + 94 (11) 242 1221
Location:48, Janadhipathy Mawatha, Colombo 1

Photos Kushan Pathiraja


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