The Lankan Fry

When two friends with a passion for food decide that they want to start up something food related it boiled down to what food they really loved. For Lahari Jayawardena digging into French Fries brings her no greater joy while for Aniqha Dean Ismail food is very much a part of her DNA. So when they put their ideas together they felt Colombo needed a fresh take on how French Fries is served while they felt that they needed to localise this very non-local food item. 

With this in mind they thought they should add some depth to the fries by adding different meats and sauces and this was how The Lankan Fry came to be.  


Food – 5 stars 

The base is, well, French Fries and Lahari and Aniqha use thick hand-cut fries to start off with which they make on their own.  The sauces are also made from scratch while the meats are home-made too. We were tried out three of their options, including a vegetarian option.  

We first dug into their French Fries (Rs 350) with Pulled Roast Beef (Rs 200) and topped with their signature home-made Karapincha Mayo (Rs 150). The meat was soft and tender while the Karapincha Mayo was truly special. Aniqha uses a family recipe in order to create the delightful Roast Beef that marries so beautifully with the fries. 

Inspired by that late-night street food treat – Roast Chicken and Kottu Rotti, the girls dished out their French Fries (Rs 350) with Shredded Chicken (Rs 150) and topped with their stunning Nai Miris Jam (Rs 200) and Curry Mayo (Rs 150). The two toppings blended so well with the shredded chicken and fries while the Nai Miris Jam was sweet and slightly tart with the heat element hitting you at the very end and that too, extremely subtly, while the Curry Mayo was light yet packed with flavour and represented everything a curry is supposed to taste like. 

Our non-meaty option was that of French Fries (Rs 350) with Sautéed Mushrooms (Rs 150) topped with Truffle Oil Drizzle (Rs 200) and Cheese Flakes (Rs 100). Even if you aren’t a vegetarian you won’t miss the meaty element as the mushrooms and the truffle oil make an excellent combination. 


What we recommend: Opt for the Nai Miris Jam, Curry Mayo and Karapincha Mayo especially if you are going for the meats 

Would we try The Lakan Fry again? Yes 


Pix by:  Kanishke  Ganewatte 



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