Mathura the vegetarian restaurant is located at Melbourne Avenue, Colombo 4 and serves authentic South Indian cuisine. They’ve been around for quite a while and the name is familiar to many vegetarians in Colombo. 
They offer many areas for dining. The ground floor is mostly an open area with one large separate room that guests can use if required. On the walls are posters and paintings of Bollywood movie stars giving it that real Indian feel. The upper floor has a couple of rooms that you could reserve for a private party, meetings or even if you need some privacy while dining. 
On arrival we had a SWEET LASSIE (Rs 270/-) a drink made with sweetened curd. It was a refreshing start on a very hot afternoon. Then we went on to taste a couple of ULUNDU VADA (Rs 75/-) which is served with some delicious chutneys. Ulundu Vada has to be hot to really enjoy it so make sure you ask them to bring it hot or at least quite warm. Then it was the PAPER MASALA DOSA (Rs 410/-) we tried out. It’s the regular paper dosa but stuffed with the potato masala. The paper dosa was deliciously crispy and the filling was tasty.  
The VEGETABLE BASMATHI BIRYANI (Rs 550/-) was a basic steamed aromatic basmati rice tempered with vegetables and served with onion Raitha. Their NAAN – (Rs 180/) is also on point and pairs well with the delectable PANNER BUTTER MASALA (Rs 595/-). If you drop by Mathura this is another good option to try out.  For dessert, we tried the popular GULAB JAMUN (Rs 250/-) which is a very sweet dessert loaded with sugar syrup. It was well fried on the outside but the inside seemed a bit raw.  
The staff were very attentive and served the guests well. 
Parking which is quite an issue these days is not a problem here as Melbourne Avenue is a wide road and there’s ample space for parking of many vehicles.  
· DisclaimerAll names of food items are taken from the menu. 
· Catering for parties undertaken
· Delivery available
· Opening Hours: 11:00AM to 3:00PM, 7:00PM to 10:30PM 
· Address: 16, Melbourne Avenue, Colombo 04 

· Phone - 0112505036 / 076 5486665
· Email-


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