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The first time I was introduced to the Calorie Counter at its first restaurant in Colombo 05 a year or so ago, I was expecting healthy food in its usual bad taste. A year down the line, I eat at the Calorie Counter at least once a week as do most people I know. Duaine Peiris, the founder, really found a way to cook healthy food with great taste and that needs to be appreciated first. 

Last week, Duaine opened up the newest Calorie Counter outlet at Ward Place, and the signature taste and goodness is just closer to home. 

I headed over to the newly opened Calorie Counter on Ward Place, right next to Jetwing Colombo 07, and I must say – I might have a new favourite health food restaurant. The place itself is much bigger than the Colombo 05 branch and the vibe is completely different. I imagine the “quiet dinner” types with a penchant for healthy food will come to appreciate the new outlet a lot. 
The menu has a number of new additions, and the staff let me know that there were a lot of newer things coming up, so there’s that to look forward to. 

1. Thai Chicken
This dish is called something much longer, but I’ve been having this for so long that I now call it – Thai Chicken. If you want to look like a cool regular at the Calorie Counter, go ahead and ask for the “Thai Chicken.” I’ve had this dish more times than I can count and it’s always a highly satisfactory affair. The creature of habit that I am, I rarely go outside of this dish when I make a visit to the Calorie Counter and I recommend it for anyone looking to find something that tastes as good as any unhealthy item on any menu but still is infused with healthy ingredients that are the convention at Calorie Counter. I recommend mixing this with Vermicelli or Couscous and Baby Potatoes for the best effect, but feel free to experiment. 

2. Eggs Benedict Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Avocado

My second go-to item on the Calorie Counter menu is the Eggs Ben with Smoked Salmon and there really isn’t a better breakfast item on all the menus of all the lands. The egg is runny and yolked to perfection, while the Salmon is pink and right for devouring. The Avocado butter really is the cherry on the icing of all this and comes together with the rest of the ingredients to deliver the best breakfast any man, woman or child could have!

3. Salmon Steak 
For anyone feeling sophisticated, like my girlfriend was feeling at dinner, the Salmon Steak is the right fit. The dish really surprises me every time it’s served simply on the presentation aesthetic. Garnished and presented regally, the Salmon is of the finest quality and the rest really is quality cuisine. 

4. Beef Rump Steak
If you appreciate steak and are health-conscious, the Beef Rump Steak is an obvious choice. The cut of beef itself is lean beyond comparison and is served with a healthy bed of veggies and complex carbs, making for a best of both worlds experience as far as health and steak go. 

5. Cajun Grilled Chicken 
The Cajun Grilled is number three on my list of chicken dishes served up at the Calorie Counter, the first of course being my favourite Thai Chicken and the second being the Honey Mustard Chicken. Cajun Grilled Chicken is a great mix up with Vermicelli and the cut of chicken is leaner with a different texture from the other dishes resulting in a meatier experience for those who prefer their chicken that way. Every now and then, I like my chicken that way and the Cajun Grilled Chicken is perfect for those times. 


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