As much as Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love indulging in some delectable food with your partner - or if you are single - on your own, can certainly be on the cards. Below are a list of home cooks who make awesome cakes and desserts and here’s what they will be dishing out (on order) for Valentine’s Day... 

Bake A Wish 

The Duet (Rs. 4500 for 1kg) can be described in one word - marvellous. We are so used to having Love Cake on its own but this cake breaks that norm. This two layered cake consists of a layer of gooey Love Cake and moist Red Velvet cake sandwiched with cream cheese frosting. It is romantic, dreamy and delicious all at the same time. 

Contact number: 077-776-6804

Note: 24 hours notice required 

Cravings by Sue 

If you like Ferrero Rochers then give Cravings by Sue’s Ferrero Surprise (Rs. 250 - minimum of four cakes) a try. The chocolate cake is gooey and decadent while that bite into the Ferrero Rocher hidden in the cupcake is a pleasant surprise. 

They also have on offer Heart Love Cakes (Rs. 200 - minimum of four cakes) and some amazing gooey Heart Chippy Nutella Brownies (Rs. 200 - minimum of four brownies). The latter has chocolate chips and is topped with Nutella. 

The Miniature Berry Cake (Rs. 750) which consists of a layer of strawberry cake (made using crushed fresh strawberries) sandwiched between two layers of decadent chocolate cake is amazing - mind you, the cake is sandwiched with chocolate frosting and Nutella! Words fail me! 

Contact number: 077-474-0211 

Note: 48 hours notice required 


Dipped is a new home based dessert maker who does wonderful things with dark chocolate, strawberries, cookies and cakes. Everything she does is dipped in dark or white chocolate and they are decadent and delicious. 

For Valentine’s Day you can opt for her buttery Sugar Cookies Dipped in Dark Chocolate (Rs. 60 per cookie - minimum of four cookies) or her decadent Oreos Dipped in Dark Chocolate (Rs. 50 per cookie - minimum of four cookies) and some zesty, sweet and romantic Strawberries Dipped in White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate (Rs. 1800 for a dozen). 

She can also whip up Heart Shaped Cake Pops (Rs. 80 a pop - minimum of six pops), so give those a try as well. She uses chocolate ganache instead of chocolate frosting so they are pretty rich and pretty awesome. 

Contact number: 071-766-6566 

Note: 24 hours notice required for Strawberries and Cookies and 48 hours notice required for Cake Pops. 

The Vanilla Bean Bakery 

The mum and daughter duo behind The Vanilla Bean Bakery bake cakes that look stunning and taste incredible. 

We tried out their Barrel of Flowers which was a Chocolate Cake sandwiched with a chocolate buttercream, coated with a delightful vanilla buttercream and topped with beautiful (and realistic) sugar flowers.

They will also have on offer their Strawberry and Cream Heart - a heart shaped dense sponge cake sandwiched with strawberries and cream, coated in pink vanilla buttercream and topped with beautiful sugar flowers. 

Contact number: 077-660-3764 

Note: Prices for these vary as they are custom made to order and all cakes require four days notice. 

Venice by Ocean 

What is Valentine’s Day without decadent ice cream! So give Venice by Ocean’s fruity and romantic Hill Country Strawberry (Rs. 1250 - 1 ltr/Rs. 650 - 500ml) and the cute and delicious Cookie Elmo Love (Rs. 1250 - 1ltr/Rs. 650 - 500ml) a try. These ice creams are incredible and are totally worth indulging in and spoiling your loved one with! 

Contact number: 077-315-8550 

Note: 48 hours notice required 


PHOTOGRAPHS by Kanishke Ganewatte

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  1. Punny Pellow says:

    A lot of HEART shaped cakes to increase CVDs further!!!!

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