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Susan De Cruze is the face behind Cravings By Sue, the home baker who has been whipping up goodies for her loyal customers and who’s also a huge foodie herself. “I’ve always had a passion for food and I always try out new recipes and mix in my own version to it. I am a total foodie and I have a very sweet tooth!”. Coincidentally, Cravings by Sue will reach an important milestone today, the 5th of October,  celebrating their first year of being in business!

Which food personality would you like to be reborn as?

Personally I really don’t want to be reborn. But if I did I would love to be born as Nigella, I like her style.

What is the most ridiculous client request you have accommodated?
That would be the customer requesting me to do a cake for her that "I" like.

If you were to pick a reality cooking competition to take part in, what would you pick?
I would choose Top Chef.

You’ve been given the opportunity to bake something for your favourite celeb. Who would you pick and what would you make?
I would choose to bake my signature ‘triple layer berry cake’ for Oprah Winfrey. 

What is your favourite food memory?
There are many since I’ve travelled a lot. But nothing beats the steak house in Auckland harbour. I’m dying to have their mixed grill on a stone grill and of course accompanied with a glass of red Wine.

Funniest / most embarrassing kitchen incident?
I’m not sure if this is funny, but YES I’ve burnt a lot of food while I’ve been chatting with my friends. I’ve also dropped a couple of Cuppies trying to do my photo shoot before delivery which honestly gave me goosebumps.

What is the most challenging ingredient you have used?
The most challenging ingredient I have used is black colouring, I think. 

What nonexistent food combination or dish do you wish would becomes a reality?
I don’t think there are any, since nowadays they turn anything & everything into food... But I would love to try something with pineapple & caramel. May be a real pineapple and caramel cake. 

What would you choose to be your “Last Supper” meal?
Oh Smoked pink salmon it is! I absolutely love it & never can get enough of it.

photos Kanishke Ganewatte


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