Dish It Out: Roshini Karunatilleke

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How do our food experts cook and eat? This week, Roshini, food blogger of @roshini.karunatilleke, takes our Q&A!
1. Your first memory of cooking? 
- I vividly remember my mother and aunt allowing me to create experimental dishes when I was in my early teens. My mother was a fantastic cook, so I was always so keen on wanting to learn from her. As for my aunt, she’s the reason my passion for baking took place. Thanks to her, I was able to bake and decorate cakes at the age of 12. 
2. Your particular cooking habit? 
- I love to listen to music while cooking. It certainly keeps me going as there’s nothing better than listening to your favourites. Another habit of mine is preparing in advance whenever I am entertaining friends or hosting a special occasion. This helps me as I’m someone who sticks to routine. 
3. What food is underrated? 
- I think Marmite is quite underrated. I like its strong punches of flavour in sandwich or drink form. Unfortunately, though, many dislike its smell and taste. 
4. Your favourite childhood meal? 
- My mother is a fabulous cook so it is hard to name a particular meal. But I would surely associate Fried Rice, Liver Curry and Devilled Potatoes. Whenever I was down with any sickness, this was my go-to meal. I cook the same for the family and they love the combo to bits.
5. Your dream dinner-party guests to cook for? 
- Definitely my late parents. I just know that they would be so proud to see what I’m capable of. 
6. A dish you love to eat but not cook? 
- I love to eat beef brain cutlets, but never bother to cook them because I get put off by the slimy texture 
7. It’s your last day on earth, where are you? 
- I’d be at my home with my family enjoying the combination of Spicy Crab curry, Roast Paan, Dhal curry and Coconut Sambol. 
8. Easiest meal to impress someone? 
- It would be Nasi goreng paired with chicken satay and peanut sauce topped with a fried egg. It would have prawn crackers with slices of tomato and cucumber on the side to compliment the dish. The dessert that I’d make would be a creamy, rich chocolate mousse 
9. You are entering a cooking competition - which one would it be? 
- Master Chef USA and I would like to have Aaron Sanchez and Gordon Ramsay as judges. I know it’s extremely hard to impress Gordon and his tastes, but I’m a big fan of his skills and composure. 
10. Be adventurous with your food or stick to the original? 
- I’m someone who likes to be a little adventurous with my food and try new dishes whenever I can. Recently, I had the opportunity to savour the Saudi Arabian Koozi or stuffed lamb. It’s a dish they serve where a delicious full lamb is laid on top of a bed of fragrant rice.
11. What’s a dish you’d love to relive for the first time? 
- Chocolate Biscuit Pudding for sure! 
12. Your proudest lockdown food invention? 
- Kochchi pesto. I wanted a fusion of Italian and Sri Lankan flavours 
13. Your favourite leftovers? 
- Definitely any rice and curries. I like to mix and match my leftovers to see which works best. 
14. Your favourite recipe that has been passed down to you from family?
- My grandmother’s rich cake recipe. 
15. Cook at home or go out? 
- Cook at home for pure bliss
16. What should not be missing in your kitchen? 
- My home-made roasted curry powder. Always works wonders for my curries and is always a hit!


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  1. Lokubalasuriya Ruwani says:

    Your food is tasty as your mom's . I love the presentation more than the food . Your capacity and competency proves the legendary of food masters

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