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What  - The House Collection Showcase
When - 11.11.17
Where - Garden Café 
Today on WTF, I feature some great work put up by one of our favourite places, Barefoot. It has been some time since we saw fashion at the Garden Café, and it was amazing to see the crowd and the enthusiasm build up on Saturday. Barefoot featured 5 designers and 60 new looks.
I had a chance to catch up with the people behind all that colour.
What has the feedback been like for the show? 
We've had so much of positive feedback. People loved the variety of designs, enjoyed the Barefoot ambiance which was felt throughout the show and enjoyed the party afterward. People are excited and happy to see Barefoot have a show after a lapse of many years.
Tell me about the designers who were featured? 
Geni Raseens's collection of crazy paving patchwork in vibrant colours is called Psychedelic Rainbow and induces you into one. Her patchwork is happy, fun, dressed up fantasy. It's beach party, flowing, free, asymmetric. A great deal of creativity in colour and shape make Geni's clothes very special. A special collection of handmade macramé pieces will accessorise this.
Ravithma Gunasekera’s collection is called Shaker Style and she uses whites, greys, blues and browns and a little bit of checks to create a collection about the Shaker way of life. Simple clothes in pastels and soft colours because the shaker people hardly wore any vibrant colours. Shakers made clothes thinking about their daily work and kept them simple. They are hardworking happy people. The jewellery for this collection will be by Sarika Ameresinghe and brilliant hand-blown murano glass pieces by Aurora.
Barefoot by Design showcases our design fabric for surf wear. Distinguished by its bright and bold colours and lines, this collection is a combination of work created by all the designers featured this evening.
Nelun Harasgama Nadaraja’s works in blacks, whites and ivorys. Her collection is called Origami dervish. Her inspiration is a large piece of a square fabric folded into a piece of clothing. It's simple yet complex, fluid and unstructured. Beautiful jewellery from Sifani Jewellers will add to the wow factor in Nelun's collection.
Marisa Gnanaraj’s, M FACT: is a men's wear collection called 'Horizon Infinity'; the primary inspiration for this collection is the desert landscapes and the colour pallet is a vibrant interpretation of the desert. The overall aesthetic of the clothes is a mix of tailored and oversized pieces along with handcrafted detailing.
Preethi Hapuwatte’s collection is titled Barefoot Classics. These are tried and true and timeless. This collection is a reworking of the classics, originally by Barbara Sansoni, using different textured fabrics and a huge dollop of ‘Preethi' style. Vibrant and colourful, it includes the iconic Barefoot silk and cotton saris. Preethi has handmade fabulous headdresses and antique silver jewellery to complement her style. 
What’s next for Barefoot, would there be more shows? 
Definitely - the response has inspired our design team to work towards another show. 
From now to Christmas, Barefoot will be having a lot of other events and exhibitions that will make everyone feel welcome -from children to adults. There will be many new designs in store from clothing, table wear to bed linen. You can check our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.
The new year will see new ideas for homes and apartments from Barefoot. 
The show ended with a pop-up sale, how did it go? 
The store did well. We were excited an appreciative of how people responded to what they saw and purchased the new designs straight after the show. All the new collections are now available in store.
Photographs and Video  by – you're my favorite/Best Click 
Dressed by - LOVI
Hair and makeup – Capello Salons


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