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On WTF this week, I visited the place I took my first breath, Jaffna. Although I did not live in the northern tip of the country, I still feel there is a connection within me, the war left me with some bad memories and the journey to Colombo and the better life at that time was a struggle, but Jaffna still has its own vibe. It’s full of beautifully ornamented Kovils as well as ancient Buddhist temples. This just goes to show what a United country we were. 

The destruction of the war is still evident in the eyes of the people and even in what you see on the sides of the road but you will see how the community is bouncing back and rebuilding with a smile and a giving heart. You can get to Jaffna by car/flight or train - we took the train and it was such an enjoyable experience. We took time to see a few cool places during our stay at Fox Resort Jaffna.

This is a place with the most painful past, to know that all the knowledge and literature was burned to ashes in 1981 is still very daunting. This iconic place opened its doors in the year 1959. It was established by Alfred Duraiappah who was Mayor of Jaffna at that time. The construction of this library was similar to the Indo-Saracenic style. At one time this library was considered the biggest library in Asia. It possessed almost 97000 books and manuscripts.

Nallur Temple
What a beauty is this, always a perfect photograph when you click a shot of the Nallur temple.  Up to date, the faith has not reduced and the world still keeps on visiting. The prime feature of this Nallur Temple is the golden arch and the extended Gopuram. The premise of this temple was built during the eighteenth century. It was in the year 1620 when the Portuguese destroyed the old construction of this building which was constructed during the regime of Tamil Kings. This temple has seen all the pain that the North faced.

Keerimalai Naguleeswaram Temple
One of the oldest shrines of the region Keerimalai is a MUST to visit in Jaffna, and we so wanted to enjoy a bath in the natural water spring. Unfortunately because of COVID, the water had not been cleaned in months.  It’s believed a bath in this spring will cure all illness and sickness. This place is located 15 km away from town, and the drive is beautiful.

Sangilean Thoopu
King Sangili II who died in 1623 was the last king of Jaffna Kingdom. With his death, the Aryachakkaravarti line of kings who had ruled the Jaffna Kingdom for over 300 years came to an end. Near the Nallur Temple is a gold-plated statue of Jaffna’s last king. Glistening in the sun, this gold statue was first erected in 1974 and many facts from the last Royal is still preserved like the Sangiliyan Thoppu Manthirimannai and the palace entrance.

Jaffna Fort
When I lived in Jaffna we were close to the Fort, but all that we wanted to do was to run as far as we can from it. Jaffna Fort is considered as one of the most majestic sites to see. This Fort was established in the year 1618 by the people of Portugal when they invaded Jaffna. Located near the city of Karaiyur. From 1986 to 1995 this Fort was captured by the LTTE and it was recaptured by the Sri Lanka Army in the year 1995. It’s so great to see it come back to life as it’s a star-shaped fort and it’s an absolute beauty.

There is always so much more to see, and especially now that we are locked up in our country, it’s a great time to see the beautiful North before it becomes another city that lost its personality.

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