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What    - High Tea
Where  - The Blue Velvet by Bella 
Who   Bakes by Bella
When  - Tuesday - Sunday (3-6pm)
I am a true Sri Lankan. I like my high tea to be full of oily patties, iced coffee, faluda and patties. But it's not the true essence of a high tea. A true high tea has to have different tea flavours complementing the sweet and the savoury bites. Recently, Bakes by Bella broke the wall that stopped us from enjoying this, when they expanded their little place and opened up an Alice in Wonderland themed high tea experience. It's called the Blue Velvet by Bella. 
The food is paired with perfectly brewed tea that is from the premium Ceylon tea range from PMD. It comes with Smoked Salmon Crepes and cream cheese on toasted brioche bread. Roasted red onion with goat cheese on mini beetroot burger, pesto sun-dried tomato and feta cheese wrap - these three options were my favourites out of the whole platter. 
You can never go wrong with cheese. Adding a Sri Lankan spin is Bella's favourite Isso Wade with a lime and chili kick. Not forgetting the sweet items, I have picked my favourites from that lot - the fruit tarts that crack in your mouth with the custard popping out. 
The other one was the raspberry éclair; if it could hear, I would have asked it to marry me. It's priced at LKR 3800 for two, and it's a must try. 
Speaking to Melissa, she said she
“wanted to bring the true high tea experience to Sri Lanka."
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