Those Cocktail Parties

Jul 24 2015.

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Oh! Colombo 

Cocktail receptions are organized for purposes of both social and business networking and is generally referred to as a mixer. In Colombo the cocktail circuit is big. Anniversary parties, opening or launching of a product, shop, workplace and many other celebratory official or auspicious occasions are rejoiced with a cocktail party. National Days are also celebrated with grand style cocktail receptions by all the Embassies and Consuls who represent their countries in this country. The venues are the personal or official residences or some fancy five star hotels and now the boutique hotels that seem to be springing up in this country faster than mushrooms.

How our social circuit loves to receive invitations to these fancy occasions. Apart from feeling important about being invited,  it is always a reason to doll up, get fancy blow-drys and made up, to attend these glamourous occasions. At the majority of these, especially at the embassy and official parties, there is a guest of honour and a few official speeches to recognize the occasion. Whether the invited guests appreciate or understand the official part of the occasion is another story. Once the social circuit gets hold of a glass of alcohol and a plate of food that is generally piled up as if the great famine was just around the corner, all you can hear is the loud chatter and the guests pushing the servers around for more food and beverage. The noise is so loud that the speeches delivered on set up mics with speakers around are drowned. Absolutely no common courtesy or respect is given to the speaker. A speaker at one of these function was bewildered with the sound of chattering and actually wondered why she had to talk about anything as the majority of the guests seemed only to want to gobble up all of the available food and beverage they could lay their hands on and then dash off home.

Even at some weddings many people do not appreciate the toasts being given and loud chatter can be heard. One does wonder why people go through the effort of wanting to  deliver speeches and toasts in the presence of such rude people.

At all these functions one also does notice a very few people listening to the speeches and appreciate what is being said. I guess it is better to have at least a few people listening rather than none.


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