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Jun 09 2023.

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I wonder whether I am far removed from the venomous lot of Colombo that I was completely taken aback when I heard and read all the spewing, slander and foul criticism from the ‘high’ hoi polloi and some intellectuals about the party hosted by the Don of Colombo, who none of them knew even remotely.

Don has hosted a lavish party on his birthday since 2018.  The uproar it created that year was no different from this year. In between, due to Covid etc., the birthday parties were low-key affairs owing to the restrictions. This year, it was held in his usual lavish manner and the way he wished to celebrate his gala birthday party. 

Every individual is entitled to celebrate their birthday any whichever way they want. They obviously meet all the expenses and invite whoever they wish to. Don goes one step further by inviting all the tabloid newspapers as well as the high-end fashion magazines of Colombo. The entrance to his birthday parties is usually on a red carpet, has all sorts of gimmicks, a massive cake, a band as well as a DJ in attendance, plenty of food and beverage and a few competitions.  

It is a load of fun where the guests have a rollicking time. Each year, it is a theme party and the guests make every effort to comply.  Naturally, the guests are photographed by all the media present and the media and social media are plastered with all of this the day after the party.  Seeing the photographs seems to irk our very sensitive ‘high’ hoi polloi in Colombo who then take on to bad mouth all the guests, their outfits and the event itself. Such slander I have neither heard nor read for a long time. Just reading the names of some of those who were writing such foul stuff made me wonder whether they had mirrors in their homes to look at themselves when they are togged up in whatever dreadful ensemble they have put on. I wish I could borrow their mirrors to boost my self-esteem. 

The bottom line is  “to each his own.”   We are all different and like different things. I am looking forward to Don’s bash next year, where hopefully the theme will be even more outrageous.  Whether we like it or not his birthday bash is here to stay and getting frazzled about it is not going to make it go away. Just prepare yourself for the event in 2024. It is sure to keep our Colombo lot’s tongues wagging with all the attention it draws and is exactly what the Don who throws the party wants. Everybody knows who Don is, nobody knows who you are.


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