False Intentions

Sep 30 2016. views 216

Oh! Colombo 

The word “pachoris” comes to my mind whenever I hear weird stories of those who cannot honestly state that they do not have either the means or the connections, as the case may be, to accommodate a request for a favour of any sort, including employment. What the Pachoris does instead is exchange telephone contact details. When the day to fulfil the undertaking approaches the promised to party naturally attempts to contact Pachoris. The phone is never answered since Pachoris can see who the caller is. The promised party continues to call Pachoris’ number that is never answered and gives up in sheer frustration.  In some instances when the promised party realizes the duplicity and manages to get hold of Pachoris by other means what is told is a whole bundle of lies and an undertaking to look into the matter as soon as possible and get back. 

Is it such a difficult task to say a very simple no when someone requests for a favour of any sorts. Why some people find it so difficult to say that they either cannot or cannot be bothered doing you a favour is beyond my comprehension. The Pachoris’s of this world can never say no since they are reputed for their importance and connections, a myth propagated by them. The thought of directly saying it is not possible is almost a shame for them. Giving false hope and keeping people in anxiety gives them a better feeling. Once cornered they will come up with such a far-fetched story that begs belief and it is only then that the promised party realizes what an exaggerator Pachoris is and by that time it is far too late. 

This is such a common happening and Pachoris(s) in Colombo and the rest of the Island are numerous. It is wise to know who you wish to ask a favour from than get misled by other peoples’ false promises.


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