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May 03 2023.

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In this series, we talk to people who turned their passion for food and baking into a business idea. We talk to home bakers who are constantly experimenting and innovating and navigating through these difficult times to bring the sweet and the savoury to our doorsteps. Baker and Director of New Vaishi Cake Deco & Academy, Pushparaja Sudharshika is an avid baker, cake artist and educator in baking. Her business, fondly named after her daughter, has successfully turned out many aspiring bakers with cake-baking and decorating skills to help them thrive.

What got you into baking?
Cake is one of my favourite foods so I got interested in making it at home. I loved when people ate the cakes I made and say it was delicious. So I started making cakes professionally as well.

How did your cake academy start?
As a tutorial, I taught cake making and decorating and I also taught international cookery. Over time my customers kept asking me to teach them also because my cakes are so delicious. I started my academy for them and from there I started teaching people my cake education.

What do you offer?
We take cake orders and teach cake making and decorating. Cakes are prepared for all kinds of occasions and it's customised according to the customer's wishes. I have a basic level and diploma course in cake making and decorating.

What can people learn from your academy?
They can learn basic cake-making and decorating. They can also engage in a diploma-level cake-making and decorating course if they are interested in getting qualified. We also offer a commercial cookery course and a one-day cake-mixing workshop.

What is your signature style in baking?
I am very good at making gateau cakes so you can get the best gateau cake from me. I mostly teach cake making and decorating but my favourite to make is gateau cakes.

What’s challenging about operating your own business and academy?
I have faced many challenges since the day I started my business. Especially during the lockdown period, it was very difficult to do my business. Accepting those challenges, I successfully completed my orders even during the lockdown period. My family, my teacher and my friends helped me a lot to accept the challenges and overcome them. That experience during the lockdown is something I will never forget. I felt like a boss lady as I overcame all my struggles and challenges to run my business.

What do you enjoy about running your own academy?
Owning a business is something to be proud of. I do not see any difficulty in my business as I love it very much. I can act independently. I am my own boss. If we love what we do, nothing can stop us from progressing. I believe that is why I have brought my business this far.

How can home bakers navigate during these difficult times?
The economic crisis is a phase that we cannot overcome easily. Homemakers like us are the most affected during an economic crisis. But we can face any challenges if we stand strong in our position. By being strong I was able to bring my business to success.

You recently held a showcase for your students to show what they’ve learnt, how did it go?
I organise a cake exhibition and awards ceremony every year for my students. Certificates and awards are given to my students who participate in it. This year's cake exhibition and awards ceremony was held at BMICH on 18th March.

Any advice to anyone who wants to start their own business?
As women starting a business of our own is a matter of great pride. Due to my persistence, I have been running my business very successfully for the last six years. Everyone must have the self-confidence to try and make their business successful. 

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