Waffles & Boba Now At The Coffee Stop, Cinnamon Grand

Nov 23 2023.

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Text - Panchali Illankoon
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Warm crunchy gourmet waffles and sweet speciality boba tea—is there a more perfect combination for those tea-time cravings?  Cinnamon Grand proudly unveils its latest addition to The Coffee Stop: Waffle Wonderland. Poised at the entrance to The Coffee Stop, a decked-out waffle cart awaits eager customers, offering a delectable array of freshly made waffles with a variety of toppings and sauces. At 3PM, which is when the waffle cart officially opens for business, the aroma of warm waffles immediately fills the air, enticing even those who are merely passing by to stop and indulge in this irresistible treat.

 Waffle Wonderland is all about bringing a new level of indulgence to The Coffee Stop experience, offering a range of sweet and savoury waffles that cater to every taste preference. From classics like waffles topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream and fresh berry compote with fresh strawberries to unique savoury creations like the cajun tuna or the five-spiced minced beef waffles, there is something for everyone at Waffle Wonderland.

 Each waffle is made to order and customers have the option of picking whatever topping their hearts desire. The waffle cart has got some fantastic toppings to watch out for like the Beer Cheese Dip, Tomato Salsa, Fermented Cucumber, Avocado Guacomole and more to elevate the experience from ordinary to gourmet. The Waffles are currently available in: Prawn Bolognaise, Lemon Chicken, Five-Spiced Minced Beef, Cajun Tuna with Soft Boiled Egg and Potato Chips and Sauteed Mushrooms and Spinach. We tried their sweet waffle with Berry Compote and fresh strawberries topped with whipped cream and toasted nuts and it was an absolute delight on an overcast evening and the perfect tea time treat.

 To complement the waffles, The Coffee Stop also introduces a range of speciality boba tea flavours for all boba enthusiasts.

The flavours include: Faluda Milk Tea, Milo Milk Tea, Macha Iced Coffee, Strawberry Slush and Mango Slush. Currently, Coffee Stop only offers black tapioca pearls but hopes to gradually expand to other toppings. We tried their Strawbery Slush Boba with chewy tapioca pearls and it was a refreshing (and surprisingly filling!) treat.
 With the addition of gourmet waffles and specialty boba tea, Cinnamon Grand continues to elevate the tea-time experience for its customers. The unique combination of delicious waffles and flavourful boba tea creates a perfect balance of sweetness and satisfaction. The Waffle Cart is available daily from 3 pm onwards and their speciality boba is now officially a part of the beverage menu at The Coffee Stop.  Whether you're a boba enthusiast or simply looking for a delightful tea-time treat, Cinnamon Grand is the place to be.


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