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Situated in Elibank Road just off Dickman’s Road, Baked Colombo is a café that serves good food with a calming atmosphere and free Wi-Fi for you to get all your work done in peace. This comfortable space can accommodate up to 36 people and there is a smoking area outside as well. They will be starting breakfast soon and it will start at 7 am, for all the hustlers out there to get a quick fix on the go. You can work there all day by just paying 750 bucks which is redeemable on food. That’s an amazing deal! 


Iced Hazelnut Cappuccino
The Iced Hazelnut Cappuccino (Rs. 600) is a bitter and creamy mixture of hazelnut and coffee. This is the perfect blend of bitterness and the nutty sweetness brought in by hazelnut. If you’re not too much into sweetness, this is a must try!

Iced Caramel Latte
The Iced Caramel Latte (Rs. 600) hits that sweet spot; it is sweet and creamy, oozing with caramel with just the right amount of coffee. This definitely something you can have to unwind after a long day and feel the stresses fade away.

Loaded Fries
Baked Colombo offers their own take on Loaded Fries (Rs. 750), with chicken, jalapenos, and cheese topped with mayonnaise. More than a starter, this can definitely be a whole meal, because it’s that packed. The meat along with cheese and fries just explodes in your mouth. This is a must-have when you visit them. 

Spicy Grilled Chicken Panini
The Spicy Grilled Chicken Panini (Rs. 750) comes with a panini loaded with grilled chicken, veggies and spicy mayonnaise along with sides of coleslaw and fries. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, this is a very hefty meal. 
They have incorporated generous amounts of chicken, mayonnaise and veggies to fill you up really easily. If you want to have something that’s not that heavy while working, this is definitely worth a shot.

Seafood Carbonara
The Seafood Carbonara (Rs. 990), was filled with fish, prawns, cheese and white sauce with spaghetti. This was overloaded with seafood and it’s well worth for the price. I didn’t like the look of the fish that much, but that might just be my preference. The pasta was so creamy and soft. I really enjoyed the pasta and prawns. 

Brookie (Rs. 600), is a brownie and cookie cheesecake with a cookie crust and a brownie and cream cheese filling. The brownie was pure chocolate, so rich and decadent, it just melts in your mouth. This blends so well with the cream cheese and the cookie crust complements it very nice. As their name says, they really do well on their desserts. 


Parking facilities: 5/5



What we recommend: Our absolute favourite was the Brookie and the Loaded Fries are also worth checking out!
Would we go again? We are waiting till they introduce their breakfast menu to check them out again!

Tips/notes by writer: They offer a 10% discount to university students. You can get a discount by showing your university ID. There is no tax added at the end of the bill.

text Devini Wettimuny 

photos Damith Wickramasinghe



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