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Simon Williams’ is one of UK’s most renowned actors who had an extensive acting career both on stage and in film. His recent films are Viceroy’s House and Good Bye Christopher Robin. His last London stage appearance was in Alan Bennett’s Allelujah! Before that he was in Versailles at the Donmar and in the stage version of Chariots of Fire.

At the session, Simon discussed the changes he has seen in the stage and film industries and his new role as a writer. When asked what his future ambitions are, he jokingly replied that he’d like to ‘live a little bit longer!’. 

Simons session was lively, witty and engaging. When asked how he thought his session went he replied,

“I loved the session. Asking an actor to talk about himself for one hour! People seemed to enjoy the session and for me the whole hour invoked a very warm, comfortable atmosphere.” 

We also spoke to a few of the audience members to get their thoughts about the session; 

“It was a fabulous session! He’s such a great speaker” – Adam 

“I thought he was completely charming and unassuming. He was so engaging about theatre and his work” – Laurel


“He was absolutely hilarious” – Dushi


“Oh he was very entertaining. A wonderful speaker. I left feeling like I wanted to laugh!” – Elizabeth


“He was wonderful! He’s the uncle of a great friend of mine and I thought he was very happy and very uplifting” – Bella


“He’s wonderful! Simon is so authentic and he just portrays who he is. He’s such a lovely, delightful actor who embraces life” – Yolanka

“I thought he was very relatable!” -Frank

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