7 Types of people at book sales

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The book exhibition at the BMICH concluded just recently and the Big Bad Wolf is now on, giving book lovers in town sunshine and rainbow vibes despite the gloomy weather. If you love books as much as we do, you will certainly brave any weather or any of the people mentioned below just so you can snag some awesome deals. So here are some people you will bump into at book exhibitions while you have your nose buried in a book.

1. The organised gangs
One of them may be the reader or maybe they are all avid readers. Either way, they are fully prepared and will work together to ensure they all get the books they need before anyone else does.

2. The lone wolves
They work best alone and prefer not to be distracted by the needs of others. They have a game plan, decide on what they want and strategically head for the books in order of importance. If you bump into them, they probably wouldn't even notice you or even have the time to acknowledge you. Try not to be offended.

3. The pros
These people have got everything figured out and are the ideal folks to follow if you're going for the same books. They know which stores have the best deals on specific books, the ones that have the best stationary and pretty much the best times to go. They're also prepared with their backpacks and nourishment to keep them going for long while the rest of us are soon exhausted and need to head out to grab food from one of the stalls.

4. The foodies

Books hold no allure for them. But exhibition food? Hell yes! They will take constant breaks from being your shopping companion to grab iced coffee at MLH, noodles off the food truck, a slice or two of pizza or even soft serve ice cream to keep them cool.

5. The parents and the youngins 
You can easily pick the readers apart from the non readers. The fledgeling readers can usually be found leading their parents around each stall or space while the rest of the kids can be found being unceremoniously led from stall to stall and have books stuffed in their faces by harassed looking parents. 

6. The couples 
They aren't actually here for the exhibition, to be honest. In fact, they don't even like reading or need to stock up on supplies for college. But Colombo has very few places for couples to hang out so… here they are, enjoying their date in a heavily crowded space with an eclectic mix of shoppers.

7. The suspicious character
They look like people who have no reason to be here. They aren't shopping or even just fake-observing books. You seem to be what they're more interested in. They will stare you up and down, or will be all up in your face, making you want to hold your valuables a little closer.


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