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What: Azerbaijan
Who: Air Arabia and Pasha Travel 
Where: Baku

WTF took me to the Heydar Aliyev International Airport, where I was greeted by Pasha Travel representatives, after a comfortable journey with Air Arabia. I was then taken to the Pullman Baku Hotel. The hotel space is definitely lavish. This 5-star luxury hotel is in the heart of Baku's historic and environmentally friendly area Badamdar. I had three days to experience all of Baku. As this was my second time there, it was a nostalgic feeling as I toured the boom in architecture and infrastructure in the city. 

Day 01- I witnessed the old city, which is the UNESCO protected medieval core of Baku. Filled with narrow alleys, museums, 
colourful carpet paddlers and melange of old stone buildings are a homage to the vibrant history of the city.   

After a stroll down the old city, I was taken to the signature building of Baku: The Flame Towers. Azerbaijan which is also known as the land of fire has this iconic skyscraper which stands with 30 stories, giving an impression of a gigantic fire. In the night the colours that light up the three towers breathes life to this fiery impression. Just a tip, viewing the building from afar is when you see the three towers at their best if you want the best vantage point I recommend the Baku Bay.

As I went just two days after the conclusion of the Grand Prix, the smell of the burnt rubber was still in the air, with tourists from all parts of the world, having dropped into experience Baku, just as I had. 


Day  2- The next day I woke up to drive off to Gobustan., which is 65km away from Baku, and takes about an hour by car as the roads are very smooth. On a Daliesque rock-scape above the town of Gobustan lie some of the world’s most important petroglyphs – stone and iron-age figures carved thousands of years ago and now considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And on a rock beside the approach lane, there's the most easterly known graffiti by a Roman Legionnaire. The climb is interesting to see the real carvings, but if you want to avoid the climb, you can drop into the museum, which gives the complete story of the site. 

Day 3- I woke up to cruise all the way to Absheron, which is 30km away and takes a 30-minute drive. My first stop was the Ateshgah Fire temple. This is one of Azerbaijan's most photographed sites, as the flame in the hearth is kept lit, throughout the year.  Although the site was originally Zoroastrian the current structure appears to be inspired by Hinduism. The entire complex is preserved as a museum. From there, I was taken to Yanardag, the flaming mountain. After my 20 minute drive, I noticed a strange orange glow, rising from the hillside near the low pass, as the hill itself is on fire. This is because of the gas escaping from the earth. To date, no one has been able to date the start of the fire. 

My free time was all about the beautifully built streets of Baku. The boulevard is something that you should not miss. It reminds you of Paris, the paved roads and flowers around you, to the little vendors selling ice cream, it's a perfect place to walk, while you do some shopping.

Baku is a beautiful country, which has hosted some of the biggest events in the world, from Euro-vision to the European games and recently Formula One. People are really friendly, and relaxed so it's always a fun conversation. Food and shopping is super affordable, but if you really like your spice you need to pack it yourself as they never put themselves through the spice that we do. 

Tea is everyone's favorite drink there. Accompanied with stewed fruits in sugar syrup. A pot of tea, sheesha and lot's of friends means you are having a great time in Baku. And night time is the best time to breath in all of Baku and how beautifully the city is built.

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Danu Innasithamby

Danu is a Jaffna Boy with a Marketing qualification (only because he needed to study, and not because he wanted it). He has been a part of the team for seven years and is the face behind Buzz with Danu, and WTF.


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