TEN.30: A Hideaway in Hikkaduwa

Jul 04 2024.

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Travelling down south is always a pleasurable experience. This time was no different as I stayed at  Ten.30 Villa in Hikkaduwa which was an exceptional experience, truly embodying the essence of a “home away from home” but with added luxury. This beachside property, originally built as a holiday home, now welcomes guests to enjoy its many charms.

The villa boasts four well-appointed bedrooms and a stunning penthouse with scenic sea views, all equipped with modern conveniences. Each room is tastefully furnished, reflecting the owners’ contemporary taste.  The mezzanine floor features a cosy living room with a state of the art music system and a widescreen TV. The ground floor features an indoor bar area, dining area, sitting area, and a large openplan pantry, creating a perfect space for relaxation and socializing. The large living space opens to a neatly manicured garden with a pool and small terraced area with sun loungers.  

One of the standout features of Ten.30 Villa is its accessibility; all floors are accessible by an elevator, ensuring comfort for guests with mobility issues. The villa also has a personal chef and staff who go above and beyond to make your stay comfortable. The food at the villa is outstanding, with a special emphasis on seafood. We were treated to a seafood BBQ that was simply divine – the squid, in particular, was soft and perfectly cooked. The varied menu also included delightful rice and curry options and a surprising array of German cuisine, offering a refreshing change from the usual fare.

 The villa is blessed with a pristine stretch of beach, perfect for beach BBQs and dining under the stars. The property has also received accolades from bookings. com for being the best honeymoon hotel in the area, a testament to its romantic and luxurious appeal. Overall, my stay at Ten.30 Villa was extremely pleasant and comfortable. The attention to detail, the outstanding food, and the beautiful setting made it a memorable experience.  


Tina Edward Gunawardhana

Tina Edward Gunawardhana is a journalist specialising in travel, fashion, lifestyle, cuisine and personalities. She is also the Deputy Editor for Hi!! Magazine. An intrepid traveller, she likes to show readers the world through her eyes and experiences. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - tinajourno [email protected]


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