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Feb 15 2022.

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Embodying the definition of feminine and sophisticated, Anneisha Fernando started Hanger and Mannequin, an online clothing store that is designed to cater to a niche audience comprising a minimalistic and sophisticated lifestyle. Operating on a boutique model, Anneisha talks to us about what her brand entails and her inspiration behind it.

What inspired you to start Hanger & Mannequin?

I have always been a fashion enthusiast and it has been one of my personal goals to launch my own fashion label. Living overseas, I also wanted to showcase batik to the international market through contemporary clothing. 

How would you describe Hanger & Mannequin’s aesthetic?

Our clothing is simple yet feminine and sophisticated. Pieces that can be dressed up or down based on your mood, hence investment pieces with a long lifespan. 

Do you have a background in fashion?

No, my background is in Accounting. 

What has been your favourite collection to produce thus far?

I have enjoyed collaborating hand smocking that is dominant in kids' clothing into adult fashion. My previous collections with these fabric manipulation accents along with my upcoming collection due to be launched in April 2022 have been my favourite thus far. 

Is there a particular style of fashion you gravitate towards? 

Minimalistic and feminine. 

What kind of challenges did you face while running Hanger & Mannequin?

Human resource management, as we operate in a boutique model where we customise and manufacture when orders are placed. The lack of importance given to deadlines and accountability by staff have been a challenge. 

How has Covid-19 impacted your business?

Covid 19 was an unexpected hurdle as our business was only 4 months old when the pandemic hit Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, we have been fortunate as we are an online business where our business operating costs are a minimum. As more and more customers were new to the concept of online shopping at the beginning of the Pandemic in Sri Lanka, but had to rely on this form of shopping, our customised operations which provide custom tailoring and free alterations service were helpful in building customer confidence in the online marketplace. 

What kind of a role has social media played in popularising Hanger & Mannequin?

 Social media [Instagram & Facebook] has been a pivotal force in brand awareness and we continue to use these platforms to increase our customer network. 

What do you wish to convey through your clothes at Hanger & Mannequin?

I believe that a woman should always be well dressed at both casual and formal settings and building one's wardrobe with minimalistic yet sophisticated pieces that will be relevant in the course of time is essential. 

How has the response been so far?

We have been very fortunate with the customer responses thus far as they seem to enjoy the design aesthetic, fabrics, and the price of our product line. 

What is next for Hanger & Mannequin?

We would like to showcase an exclusive line at a physical store in Sri Lanka as well as expand our product lines in Australia.


Text by: Tiranya Ranasinghe

Pix courtesy Hanger & Mannequin


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