Grillz by Royal: A Culinary Journey to Pakistan

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Located down Rajasinghe Road Wellawatte, Grillz is a one of a kind Pakistani Fusion Restaurant that offers an array of mouthwatering food, great drinks and a dazzling view of the Indian Ocean. Located right opposite the Wellawatte beach, it is the ideal place to grab some good food with your family or friends before going for a late-night stroll on the beach. You can also dine in or even opt for outdoor seating. 

Off the cuff, my first recommendation would be their Shawarma. We tasted the Spicy Chicken (Rs. 600), the Spicy Beef (Rs. 670) and the regular Chicken Shawarma (Rs. 570). Each one was stuffed to the brim with their respective protein, complemented by a sizable load of veggies and sauces that made each bite an explosion of flavour and a delight for the palate. I usually go here after a gruelling workout just to enjoy the Shawarma and stuff myself with some much-needed meat!

This was followed by the Grillz Special Chicken Platter. For just Rs. 750/- this was an absolute steal! There were 14 thin-cut slices of tortilla bread, a sizable portion of sliced chicken, a salad inclusive of cabbage, leeks and onions topped off with mayonnaise and tomato sauce. The chicken was quite spicy, well seasoned and was the main source of the flavour of the dish. Paired up with the veggies and sauces and finally wrapped up in the bread this was almost like having a second Shawarma! Another great recommendation!

The Chicken Shami Kebab (Rs. 450) and the Aloo Tikka was what followed next. The Shami Kebab featured a succulent minced chicken patty that was mixed with chana dhal, stuffed with a spicy masala filling and had a lightly crispy exterior. It was paired up with a spicy sauce made purely of chilli and vinegar. Combined, this tasted absolutely fantastic! The Shami was quite brittle so to get the best combination of flavour I would suggest breaking it up, pouring the sauce over it and eating it with a spoon! 

The Aloo Tikka was the veggie version of the Shami made predominantly with potatoes and marinated in curd. Topped off with 3 separate sauces, curd, mint and tamarind this creates a whole party of flavours in your mouth. Tamarind was the most predominant flavour however and the combination of tamarind and the potatoes made for quite a unique taste. 

We also tried out their range of burgers. The Crispy Chicken Burger, Malai Chicken burger and Chicken submarine were the burgers we opted for. Aside from those they also feature a wide range of other burgers as well. From Beef Burgers to Spicy beef subs and the Aloo Tikka Burger for veggie lovers, they have the right fit for everyone. 

The Chicken submarine was my favourite. It was stuffed to the brim with thin pieces of fresh, well-seasoned chicken and complemented with a ton of other flavourful condiments. The Malai chicken burger had a generous amount of cheese and the chicken itself was quite spicy. It’s great if you prefer a bit of a messy burger that has an abundance of runny sauces and cheese. The Crispy Chicken burger was a classic! The chicken was spicy, super crispy and the burger itself was massive. I had quite a time trying to fit the whole thing into my mouth! 

Their best seller in terms of drinks is the Kashmir Pink tea. The special brand of tea leaves imported straight from Kashmir is what gives this tea its unique colour. Mixed with nuts, mint and a few other special ingredients this tea has quite a different taste. I would certainly recommend that you try it out should you go over to Grillz. 
All in all “Grillz by Royal” is a great place that I can recommend for the quality and flavour of their food! So if you’re a fan of Pakistani food with a twist, make sure to head over there today!

Photos Nimalsiri Edirisinghe


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