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Jul 09 2024.

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Durga Kenny, the founder and director of BeWaxed, Sri Lanka’s first dedicated waxing salon, has always been a trendsetter. In 2013, she recognised a gap in the market - waxing was often seen as a secondary service offered alongside other treatments at salons and spas. Durga envisioned a different experience, a space dedicated solely to the art of waxing, prioritising hygiene, comfort, and a variety of options for every client. This vision became BeWaxed, a revolutionary concept that transformed the way people in Sri Lanka approached hair removal.

Durga’s dedication to exceptional service extends far beyond innovative waxing techniques. A firm believer in continuous improvement, she heavily invests in staff training. BeWaxed technicians regularly participate in training programmes, and some are even flown overseas to learn from the industry’s leading experts. This ensures BeWaxed goes beyond mere proficiency in various waxing techniques. Their technicians are equipped to deliver exceptional customer service, understanding specific needs and ensuring a comfortable, relaxing experience for every client.

However, recognising the importance of inclusivity, Durga prioritises hiring qualified staff regardless of language fluency. While this fosters a diverse team environment, it can occasionally lead to miscommunication during appointments, particularly when understanding specific client needs. This challenge, coupled with Durga’s experience as a seasoned industry professional, has given her a keen understanding of the growing preference for convenience and streamlined processes. Recognising the surge in mobile solutions, she leveraged this insight to fuel the development of the user-friendly BeWaxed mobile app.

The BeWaxed mobile app puts convenience at your fingertips. With a few simple clicks, you can choose your preferred BeWaxed location based on proximity or past experiences. The app also allows you to browse the menu of services offered and select the specific treatment you desire. For those who have developed a rapport with a particular BeWaxed technician, the app allows you to book your appointment with them directly, ensuring continuity and personalised care. This eliminates any potential confusion and streamlines communication for both the client and staff, ensuring a relaxing and efficient waxing experience.

BeWaxed’s success story isn’t confined to Sri Lanka. The brand’s popularity has spread across the region, with multiple locations operating throughout the country. Their commitment to quality service has also led to expansion into the Maldives, where they boast two outlets. India has also welcomed BeWaxed with open arms, and the brand has a location there with plans for further expansion. The BeWaxed mobile app goes beyond simply booking appointments. It also serves as a gateway to the brand’s loyalty programme. By registering through the app, you can become part of BeWaxed’s valued customer base and start accumulating loyalty points with every appointment. The app allows you to easily track your points and see how close you are to redeeming them for exciting discounts on future services.

But the app offers something even more unique: a direct line to Durga Kenny herself. The “Chat with BeWaxed” option allows customers to connect with Durga, showcasing her dedication to staying involved and hands-on with the business. This commitment to open communication ensures that BeWaxed remains not just a leader in the hair removal industry, but also a brand that prioritises building genuine relationships with its customers. Downloading the BeWaxed app will unlock a world of convenience and personalised service.

BeWaxed continues to be a leader in the hair removal industry, offering exceptional treatments in a welcoming and inclusive environment. With the new mobile app, BeWaxed takes its commitment to customer satisfaction a step further, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience from booking your appointment to walking out the door with a smooth, confident feeling.

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