To Hob Knob

Nov 09 2015. views 593


Oh! Colombo 
Socialites are in plenty. The wannabe socialites are even more. Longing for invites that they hardly receive or do not receive at all the desire remains to go out and hob knob. Whilst doing so they seemingly enjoy a feel good factor. But where does one go to mingle and have a hearty gossip? The answer attend a funeral regardless of whether you have actually associated with the deceased or the family in years. 
On a daily basis the wannabe will peruse the obituary notices and is actually quite delighted when someone known, either closely or distantly, has passed away. Here is the reason for doing a quick hair dye job , pulling out some sober glad rags and trotting off to the funeral with the intention of spending a couple of hours in the hope of bumping into any known person be it friend or foe. Once the respects have been paid to the deceased with all the proper gestures and with that mournful face all in its place, comes the exciting part of the visit. To look out to latch onto someone for a chit chat. Once latched, it all takes off. Naturally, the opening conversation is of the bereaved and the appropriate words of sorrow are uttered and then before you could say ‘acradabadra’ comes the gossip with whoever. The gossip then leads on to a bit of slander and a after couple of hours of hob knobbing the person's adrenaline is at its peak. Fortunately at most of these solemn occasions coffee and soft drinks are served and sipping the chosen beverage certainly seems to make listening to the chitter chatter more pleasant. 
Hopefully, by this time, the hob knobber has made enough contact to receive an invite to a home or some other function. It really does not matter what it is as the wannabe has made enough conversation and has said his or her piece and is quite happy with the achievement, especially because of the sad environment a few enemies have forgotten their feuds and have exchanged conversations and made up just for that moment at least. 
Tomorrow is another day the wannabe thinks and surely within the week another known person or two will pass away. The biggest fear is if it is a private funeral. If not, here they go again using their vocal chords and their much desired social skills to hob knob with those who they long to mingle with.


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