Those amusing friendships

Apr 24 2015.

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Oh! Colombo

What would life be without friends one wonders, and at the same time many have been eaten, chewed and spat out by friends too. A close friend sometimes acts as a dear family member to those who are estranged from their families, and becomes the confidant with whom one shares secrets and private matters, trusting them not to repeat it to others. Here again, one hears of all such confidences having been vomited out when there has been a dispute with the close buddy. In all reality one must be absolutely fortunate if one actually has a dear friend who one can be trusted and is loyal to you.

Looking around in this village of Colombo one is amused at how friendships are formed. The Colombo social climbers are aplenty, most wishing to be a somebody but sadly unable make it on their own achievements. Social climbing is almost a livelihood for many and they are like piranhas when they spot an influential person. One watches with amusement the goings on at parties and if one does not attend such social soiree’s it is assured that all the high jinx of the gathering would be available soon after the event on social media, the society columns in the newspapers and many of the social magazine where there are photographs of many a social astronaut pasted against another hoping to fly to the moon with the hero of the moment.

Trixie, who is always amused by such social astronauts, says it only takes a tea party to gather a room full of other social wannabes and a few society columnist invited to click some pictures for the hosts to think they have sky rocketed to fame once the newspapers are filled with pictures of mostly badly wardrobed women pasting against each other with the most false smiles ever seen. The society columnist who is invited is fussed over and pampered upon in many ways than one. Trixie also made a very valid point when she stated “bigger the rogue, bigger the hero in this country.” Many people with pots of money certainly make lots very dizzy in this village and certainly make them spin. The more interesting part is when the money and power are lost, how the social piranhas vanish looking out eagerly for some new big pond to dive into.

It is not only sad but quite pathetic when one thinks of all these shallow people around us.  But then again what would life be without such characters. Very dull, I am sure. Watching all of these socialites in action certainly provides us with entertainment, something no entertainment box can provide.


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