The law of attraction

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Oh! Colombo 
It was a rainy cozy day and there was I with a bunch of guys having a boozy afternoon. Some of these guys were married whilst the rest were divorced and some for the second time. As night was falling the married guys began getting messages on their cell phones and it did not take long for the wives to begin calling them to find out where they were, what they were doing and what time they expected to return home.  It sounded such a nag that some of the single guys amongst us thanked their lucky star or the one above for having successfully got rid of themselves of such nagging calls and were taking the Mickey out of the married guys who proceeded to drink. It was a little while later, after another couple of calls and nag nag from the wife, the guy became frothing mad and confessed that he dreaded going back  and having to listen the wife’s whining and haranguing that would follow for a day or two. 
One of the divorcees among the group who kept on talking about his two marriages to beautiful women, after euphoric love affairs, confessed that when the wives began nagging and behaving in a very annoying fashion all the looks and charm he fell for went straight out of the window. He further confessed that when the wives behaved in such a manner he began to find every other female attractive other than his nag at home and at times even found the pet dog at home to be more  appealing. Having divorced both women, he is now content and happily declared that he needed no more marriages considering the availability of women in town.  Such is the issue here.  All attraction vanishes when the wife becomes a whiner and nagger. 
The next day I met up with some women who have had their share of marriages and some of them still devoted to their husbands. A divorcee who leads the life of Riley said she was very happy that she divorced her husband, even though they were madly in love when they married.  Ten years down the line they found that all the lust and love had faded and fortunately the divorce was amenable with the husband giving her a fair share of his wealth and great support towards their two children. Of course, she was an educated woman who also had a line of business and was not totally dependent on her husband. She also went on to say that she was not looking for any more marriages and would not even consider it till her kids were settled. She too giggled and stated that there were plenty of men available for you know what. It was not the same for another married woman who was having a troubled marriage and a cheating husband. Her problem was that she was not financially independent and was very dependent on her husband. There she was lamenting how madly in love she was with her husband  when they eloped but that there was no attraction any more. The law of attraction is strange but I guess nothing is definite in this unpredictable life.


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