The Chauffeur

Nov 27 2015. views 566

Oh! Colombo 
It is always a quiet Sunday morning in Trixie’s neighborhood but not so last week when she heard all sorts of shouts and shrieks from the next door residence. When she went out to her balcony she spotted the neighbour’s chauffeur yelling out some not so pleasant names in reference to his employee and wife. Trixie decided to slip back into her boudoir but yet continued to hear the abuse. It was all about what his husband and wife employers were up to and what reviling statements they were. The law was not summoned and it was obvious why as the chauffeur would have rattled on about the dubious things his employers were up to. Finally, some person was sent out from the house with obviously some heavy package of money to get rid of the chauffeur. But by this time all of the nearby neighbors were fully informed of all the wild things the employers are up to. 
It was at tea that afternoon when the topic of the abusing chauffeur came up that we realized that a chauffeur knows more about us than the domestic aides at home do since we all happily natter in their presence be it over the phone or with fellow passengers in the car. Our whereabouts are also known to the minute and if the chauffeur has to hang around for you he naturally chats to the other chauffeurs at the park and all the dirty linen is exchanged. Some of the sharper employers send off their chauffeurs after being dropped and call them only when needed in order to limit the exchange of gossip. In reality chauffeurs must be having some of the wildest stories to relate. Would it not be fun to catch hold of a couple of chauffeurs and hear their versions of the antics of their employers? It will certainly make a great book or a good TV series. 
In Colombo, for most it is a necessity to have a chauffeur with all of the running around that has to be done for a household. In my case, a chauffeur is essential since I do not even know to drive. What has to be remembered is not to blabber in their presence or carry out dubious plans in their presence. 
Imagine the stories that taxi and limousine drivers would have?


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