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Oh! Colombo 

For those who find gluten-free and vegan food appealing and also for those with celiac disease, which is not technically an allergy but rather an autoimmune disorder, the answer is ‘Soul Food.’ ‘Soul Food’ is the brainchild Ina Wehleit–Perera, who now resides permanently in Colombo.

The desperation in seeking proper gluten free and vegan foodstuff for herself was such a problem in Sri Lanka that Ina was left with no choice but to start making her own. Having shared her food among those of her friends who enjoyed similar foods, she was encouraged by them that she make a business out of it. And ‘Soul Food’ came to be.

The range of products at Soul Food are wide and Ina is also willing to prepare products to please individual tastes. There are starters, mains, dips and spreads, desserts and drinks. The most sought is Matcha, a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green, tea which can be used in many forms like adding it into drinks, cereals, cookies, muffins etc.

All Ina’s products are sugar free. She uses natural sweeteners such as kithul pani, dates and bananas and also lactose free since she uses almond milk. Flavoured almond milk is also available on request. For her cookie range, she uses Stevia, a sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. Most of the food products are loaded with nuts. For those allergic to nuts, Ina will either suggest what could be eaten from her range or if contacted in advance prepare something especially for you.

All products are sold in glass jars as Ina is very environment conscious. The glass jars could be returned and Ina will refund ten rupees per jar.

This Saturday Ina will launch her products at the Good Market. Ina could also be contacted during the week, other than on Sundays, for orders and the items will be delivered to your home. A day’s notice is required to ensure the freshness and the quality of the product.
Ina is a professional model and much sought after by many designers to walk the catwalk. Whilst she enjoys this very much, she said, her passion is for producing all the yummy gluten and vegan products, which allows her hardly any free time.

To contact Ina: Email: [email protected]; Mobile: 0767382661


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