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Oct 09 2015. views 785

Talent is in abundance in Colombo as well as all over the island. Colombo in the past had a very few well-known names in the hair and beauty business. People had to have a very special reason to make appointments with them and in general we could see only elegant and somber looking ladies around and they were elegant ladies and on classic lines.  This was not so long ago.
Currently it is like a circus with all the marketing and hair and beauty schools churning hundreds of wannabe hair and beauty experts in the country.  The end result is that Colombo has an abundance of aspiring hair dressers and beauticians. Fortunately there is enough business for them as there are around 20 beauty pageants or more a year, weddings galore and all sorts of miscellaneous events.
The glitzy fashion magazines and weekly fashion columns also have created havoc as most of the women who attend such events look forward to being featured in them.  As a matter of fact, they slow down near the photographer in great hope that they would be clicked. Most of these ladies' only aspiration is to be featured in the magazine or column. Social media is another form of self-publicity. All these highly over-dressed or one should one say hideously clad and painted women are pasted all over Facebook. And  such photographs provide great entertainment for other browsers.
Most of the male beauticians are also great drag artistes who make themselves up to perform. As one can imagine, these beauticians are sought after by most of the new breed of women whose aspirations are to look fabulous at functions and become the envy of all the other women. One has to admit that most of these women look comic in their attire and make up when they aspire to look like the drag queens while the others are amused observing them. 
Trixie, who saw a couple of them at a function, queried form me whether they were actual women or whether they were some drag artistes brought in as entertainment. She also added that if they were put on stilts they would resemble the good old Boru Kakul we are familiar with at pageants and fun events. 
On the bright side, all these pop-up beauticians are making a great living off these wealthy women and with all the money spent on aspiring beauty I guess it is all worth it.


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