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Oh! Colombo 
It is that time of year when people all over the world throw their cares into the wind and enjoy a wonderful holiday season culminating with the dawning of the New Year. However, the joy is not so evident in the city of Colombo as yet. Hopefully the diaspora will arrive in their numbers and remove the dreariness from Colombo. Whilst all of us will get into gear sooner or later and begin enjoying the lavish drinking and gormandizing we tend to forget the less fortunate and also the elderly who live alone in their homes. 
Many a parent or loved older person who probably has an aide looking after them are totally forgotten. At this time of the year the abandoned feel lonelier as they tend to reminisce of the great times they have had in their youth and heydays. 
It is surprising how many offspring have dumped their parents or a single parent with a domestic aide and hardly care for them. The children check on them on the odd occasion and at most time it is more to  check on whether the domestic aide is pinching anything from the house and rarely to see whether they are neglecting the persons they are supposed to be taking care of. In most instances the aide who has is discharged with a few extra rupees once the person who was cared for passes away. Seldom do you hear about an aide being pensioned off decently. 
It would be great if some sacrifices are made to help out the less fortunate, the sick and to look after their elders who once nurtured them with lots of love and gave them the best of what they had. 
Christmas Concert 
On a brighter note, the much awaited SOSL Christmas Concert will once again be a highlight of the Season. On December 12th, the Ladies College Hall will resound with the melodious sounds of the SOSL and the Mary Anne David Chorale, as they bring you a programme of sparkling Christmas cheer. 
The Mary Anne David Chorale will sing their signature pieces, “Hallelujah Chorus,” “O Holy Night”, “ It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”  “Do You Hear What I Hear?” and a medley of much loved Christmas carols from Leroy Anderson’s “Christmas Festival.” Directed by Mary Anne David, one of Sri Lanka’s foremost choral directors, this chorale consists of well- known and experienced choral singers. 
The SOSL will be directed by Dushyanthi Perera, whose artistic guidance and enthusiasm for music infuses energy and passion into a receptive orchestra. The Chorale will also lead the audience in a rousing sing-along of both traditional and contemporary Christmas fare, such as “Winter Wonderland” and “Let it Snow,” guaranteed to swing the audience into the Christmas spirit! 
It is a great concert to take your loved ones to.


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