Jun 19 2015.

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Oh! Colombo 

Most friendships are formed during childhood and some are everlasting. Whilst we grow up with these friends, once adulthood is reached our paths diverge based on our profession, employment prospects etc. Some become personalities in their chosen trade or business tycoons and the world is their oyster. The childhood friendship remains strong and life goes on as usual. Such friendships are observed by those who have not made on their own steam and they tend to plot and plan to develop friendships with those who are known to these well-known personalities.

Such people are like blood sucking leeches. Their intention is to latch on to the more rich and famous via your friendship. These leeches are such that they are willing to play the role of a slave once they are introduced to the persons they wish to latch on to. Nothing can stop them and soon after they have become Mr. & Mrs. Famous’ closest confidante, the person who introduced them to Mr. and Mrs. Famous finds himself estranged from them. The flattery heaped upon Mr. and Mrs. Famous takes them far and soon they are a cozy foursome having succeeded in breaking the childhood friendship. Soon after the leeches inveigle themselves into the lives of those around Mr. and Mrs. Famous and make great use of them to their advantage.

Why people are blinded by such  false friendships is a question that arises in most minds but I guess when it comes to flattery and having a slave around proves to be quite useful. A lesson to be learnt here is to be very careful when it comes to forming close friendships late in life since there are many such blood sucking leeches around. Greed is so visible now and loads of people who lack self-esteem and wish to piggy back on other peoples fame are out there in plenty. The best approach is to avoid such persons from the beginning or else it will be too late when you find that all your blood has been sucked out by these leeches.


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