Hullabaloo at the gym

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Oh! Colombo
The world is not a happy place. In our own little Island murders, stabbings, thuggery and bullying tactics at public places, rape and other unpleasant happenings seem to be a daily occurrence, if you take time to read or watch the local news reports.  In addition, seeing all the displaced refugees and the horrors that seem to be going on in the world, it would be expected that people would try to sort out their differences amicably. However, this just does not seem to happen. Minute incidences that spark off annoyances and anger become big issues and people are not willing to either give or take in any situation. 
Being a multi ethnic society many group happenings take place in Colombo. One example are the gyms that conduct group aerobic classes. At a recent gym class where the women are of different religious beliefs it turns out that the ladies who wish to cover themselves from head to toe had raised huge objection at the instructress’ attire and insisted that she should be clothed in a more acceptable manner since her aerobics outfit was not in keeping with their beliefs. Needless to say that apart from the instructress many of the others attending the class were quite outraged with this observation. This resulted in many of them deciding to come for the next class in more revealing gym clothing. 
At the next class, in addition to the attire, they began objecting about some workmen who were busy working on some construction nearby and requested that they should be chased away as the workers were able to see their bodies. This brought out some of the vicious tongues who said that they should be flattered if anyone took time to look at their awfully out of shaped bodies. 
It is the nonstop complaining or some other form of negativity that they bring with them into the gym class that annoys everyone else who have come to get their exercise done and go off on their daily routine. 
As the others said. If these ladies are constantly dissatisfied with all that is happening in this open class it is best that they organize a private class with their choice of covered up instructress and conduct it in secure surroundings of their choice or even better stay at home and not bother the rest of the people. 
There are many stories to be told about these private classes and clubs. There are some well-known crazy stories doing the rounds of a well-established ladies club in the center of the residential area and of all the bickering going on there too. 
In Colombo, being unpleasant and disgruntled are soon becoming a fashionable lifestyle whilst peace and harmony is a thing of the past.


  1. Observer says:

    Oh ! It`s "them" stirring trouble as usual ! "They" are well known for it !

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