Gift Giving

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Oh! Colombo 
December is the month when many people get into a frenzy buying gifts for one another for the Christmas or holiday season. Shops are getting quite packed with many a consumer grumbling about the limited choices in some shops and the hunting goes on for reasonable priced gifts for their loved ones or to please the kids who believe in Santa Claus. As a child it must be such a joy writing a letter to Santa setting out the expected gifts. The parents who have to source what has been wished for most often try to guide their children to request Santa for something that is affordable and would fit into their budgets at that time of year. 
The moneyed have no problem in pleasing their offspring with lavish gifts. In some instance it is not limited to their own but extended to the children’s friends too. Amongst the present givers one will always come across the bragger who loves to give lavish gifts but also finds a way of informing the recipient how much they have spent on it. The best way, of course, is to keep the price tag tucked in somewhere in the gifts when wrapping them up and hoping that the it will be spotted and the recipient impressed with the amount the bragger has spent on them. Some even purchase the gifts at sales when travelling but carefully remove the sale tag and keep the original intact just to show off how much was spent. There also are some instances when the braggers cannot contain themselves and accidentally announce the price of the gift saying that it was either the last one of its kind or that the choice between the two items were only an x amount in difference. Why one does this without just being happy to give the gift with love is so puzzling. 
Then there are wonderful situations where families have set aside the money that would have been spent on buying gifts for each other and give it to the less privileged to enjoy the holiday season. Such stories, when heard, makes one realize that there are many givers in this selfish world and restores one’s faith in humanity. 
In short, gift giving is not all about wrapped up presents but also being unselfish and giving and gifting generously to others what they do not have.


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