Fake society

Jun 05 2015.

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Oh! Colombo

“Society has become so fake that the truth actually bothers people.”

It was on social media that I spotted this quote and how applicable I thought it was to a certain sector of our so called High Society.

The winds have changed in recent times and it is a new set who are leading the packs . Yesterday’s heroes have become todays pariahs in society and all those who were chasing the previous lot are now wondering how to get in with the new lot. Meanwhile there is a new breed who have struck up friendships and seem to believe that the astrological charts have finally changed in their favour and abracadabra it is time for them to become the current heroes.

And the circus has begun. Among the Heroes are climbers too and it is in moments such as this that the likes of the social astronauts create all sorts of avenues to climb the social ladder. In the last couple of months the number of rackets being organized have come to our notice. The Internet is a great source to collect information and motivation programs from. Such programs are plagiarized and a seminar of sorts is organized.  The easiest is to get ahold of a hero who is also willing and available to play the game and a motivation program is launched for a gullible audience. Fortunately all are not foolish and the more educated in these circles spot a scam and move away in time. One must admire the courage of the organizers and kudos to them for getting away with such rackets.

The social climbing is also at an all-time high and it is quite amazing how it has almost become Colombo’s past time for these types. Some though are vary to take up great positions when they read about the number that are behind bars lamenting jailhouse rock. Like a moth to a flame those running after the powerful types are now unashamedly aplenty. Trixie, a great observer, is quite amused with all these antics and is quite amazed that people yet do not learn the lesson that sooner or later it will be another lot that would be leading society. Fake society and climbers will always be there in civilizations and it is amusing for us observers, who are fortunate and well-balanced not to fall into this category, to watch when one enters and exits Colombo’s fake society.


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