Casting Stones

Jul 10 2015.

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Oh! Colombo 

Politics are heating up again with the forthcoming elections fixed for August. Lots of speculation and loads of drama will take place closer to the day. Once all the nominations are confirmed,  there are bound to be all sorts of posters, cartoons and many other forms of communication casting aspersions on each other on the political platforms. Sadly the good old days of gentleman politics are gone and this new generation is never to know what it was like in the good old days. The current trend is all about mudslinging at each other.

Trixie was all agog when her nephew recently introduced her to Facebook. What amused her most was the shenanigans she came across in this platform. The tampered pictures and all the wrongdoings being exposed by one politicians camp of the other were some of the items she found bewildering. She felt that no one seemed to be spared in the current system. Trixie rightfully said it reminded her so much of the saying in the holy scripture “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” This is so true, especially since there probably is a very teeny weeny percentage who could actually call themselves as respectable and, most of all, honest. Sacrificing their lives to serve the nation and the people sounds like a fable from Grimm’s fairy tales, and here they are mudslinging at each other. It makes one wonder whether the citizens are so gullible to believe it all. Nobody actually knows.

On the flip side all the usual big donors to these campaigns are certainly not amused since these elections are happening too often. Pledging campaign funds have become a big nuisance and a strain to their finances. Fortunately it is the school holidays and summer break so helter-skelter people are planning long vacations to be out of sight.

It is a circus about to happen and it is best to be a spectator. All of us are guaranteed loads of fun and games listening, hearing and seeing all the insults and antics that undoubtedly will take place and not end till the final results are announced.


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