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Apr 17 2015.

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Oh! Colombo

Spending a few days in a resort located outside of Colombo is always a pleasure. With the number of resorts available islandwide, one is spoilt for choice. However, I have come to realize that as we get older we become fussier and always look for a place that meets all our fanciful requirements and always hope for an equally or more comfortable bed than the one being slept on at home. Ranil, who knows of all my fussy ways,  recommended that I try Calamansi Cove and since it is under the management of Jetwing Hotels I was more than happy to check into the place for a couple of nights and drove down over the weekend to Balapitiya where it is located.

Calamansi Cove consists of twelve villas. Each villa has a well air-conditioned bedroom, a toilet and an outside sitting area. The private terrace built above the sitting room is an ideal place from which to watch the sunset. Calamansi Cove also has a pool and a lovely stretch of beach. If it is calm a swim in the ocean is possible as it is a bay and is almost like a pool.

The Chef-in-Charge, Romesh, will be happy to cook whatever you require if you are not up to eating from the set menu. All our meal requirements were discussed and the most obliging chef gave us what our hearts desired.

I, for one, cannot bear art deco food when on holiday. I can never understand why  leisure resorts in this tropical island always try to act pseudo European. They insist on preparing all types of cuisine instead of some straight-forward grilled seafood that is available in abundance along the coastline, with proper accompaniments; some of our own local cuisine properly cooked is also a welcome alternative to a deconstructed prawn that looks like fish bait and such similar items that taste awful too.

Having comfortable and spacious accommodation and a great butler in attendance, we enjoyed a fabulous weekend. Upali the Manager-in-Charge who looked into and accommodated all of our needs also contributed towards a great three days spent at Calamansi Cove.
Calamansi Cove, a new resort, has certainly got its act together and I will happily recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new property to visit.


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