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Aug 28 2015.

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Oh! Colombo 

Born with a natural talent is a blessing. Butter Boutique, the trade name of Rukshi Nethicumara has been blessed with this God given talent. For her It all began as a hobby, she cheerfully says, baking cupcakes and cinnamon rolls, experimenting and having fun at home. Working with her mother did not appeal to her even though it was a family concern. Rukshi felt that she was gifted with her magic fingers and baking was her forté. 2010 was the cupcake boom all over the world and Rukshi enjoyed baking the unusual and used to churn out filled cupcakes. Crème brûlée, white chocolate, dark chocolate mousse, passionfruit, peanut butter and caramel and many more were the variety of fillings. Tantalizing and tempting people on social media, she began taking orders for her heavenly filled cupcakes which were much appreciated by all her new clients and everyone who tasted them.

Knowing that she was blessed with gifted fingers she decided to move away from making cupcakes as it became a fad in Colombo for everyone to bake cupcakes. Rukshi then decided to venture into making a variety of unusual cakes. In 2013 she decided to trade at the Good Market and undoubtedly became a great hit there. During this time she began churning out fabulous ice creams, ice cream sandwiches and popsicles that were more than welcome in the heat. Private orders came flooding in and Rukshi was busy meeting her clients’ needs.
Travelling has had a great impact on her cooking. In her travels, she has been inspired and influenced in the cooking arena and has picked up many ideas. From purchasing and sourcing ingredients for the cakes, cookies, sweet rolls, tarts, pies, unusual brownie bars and fruit slices and ice cream sandwiches, to turning them out, are all done by her.

The great demand for all her goodies and supplying them to a wide clientele has inspired Rukshi to open her own café, something that we could look forward to in a couple of weeks. All her baking and ice cream products will be available in the café along with great coffee, Thai iced tea and Vietnamese iced coffee.

One is assured of a great treat at the Butter Boutique café when it opens. I wish her every success, which she truly deserves.


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