Who is Mr “Be”?

Sep 15 2017. views 189

It was a long overdue visit to Trixie.  Having visited Europe throughout the Summer, she was now back home, happily settled in with her life and household back to normal. 

 Therefore, a tasty home cooked lunch was a guarantee on this visit. As usual, the few guests were discussing current politics, the weather and general topics that came to their minds.  Into this conversation jumped Trilby who described to us a large function she had been at the night before, where the guests were a pickle of Colombo’s elite and socialites.  Trilby kept us entertained with stories of how most of the guests behaved, referring to some of them as the Wannabe lot of Colombo. 

At this stage, stepped in Trixie with a very apt question – Who is this Mr. or Ms. “Be” that all these people are striving to Wannabe?  Trixie chuckled and wondered aloud as to who the wannabes are aspiring to be since the majority of  Colombo’s self-styled trendsetters behave like vultures hovering above looking out for some meat to stick their talons and beak into.

A pertinent question I had to admit.  Later at home, I looked up the dictionary wherein a  ‘wannabe’ was described as “a person who tries to be like someone else or to fit in with a particular group of people” or “aspiring or wanting to be a specified type of person.”

One does wonder who these people are striving to be in their relentless effort of social climbing. Are they actually happy within themselves and what is this great reason for wanting to be this somebody who nobody knows anything about. People are happy to spend lots of money aspiring to be Mr. or Ms. “Be” gaining false popularity where people enjoy all the benefits thrown at them but are ready to dissect you to get into the trendsetter set.  Wouldn’t it be nicer if all of the energy and money they expend to achieve this aspiration are diverted to empower themselves and those around them?  Something that could be done on the quiet and would be of value.  

It would be fabulous if someone would let us know if they ever got to be a Mr. or Ms. “Be” or know a Mr. or Ms. “Be.”


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