Toasting Friendship

Nov 11 2016. views 252

Oh! Colombo 

It is such fun when a person is amongst friends and even greater when you know them to be  sincere. In reality, during our childhood we all make friends in the neighbourhood and enjoy loads of good times. This may sound alien to the past few and current younger generations since all we have now are great big walls around our homes or live in apartments where hanging out with the neighbours does not seem to be a possibility and we also do not seem to have the desire to do so. Modern childhood seems to be more involvement with technology and social media than the real world. This seemingly is a city and urban phenomena since it is apparent that children in the rural areas still seem to enjoy their childhood playing in the neighbourhoods and hanging out. 

As time goes on we make friends at school where you actually move around with likeminded people of your age group and result in strong bonds being formed with a couple or a few batch mates where such friendships continue into old age. The same happens when you move into higher education, begin working etc. Once the half century has been reached you are sufficiently mature to figure out who the sincere loyal friends are opposed to the fly by nights and those who hang around you for gain or to profit by your friendship. Of course, there are some amongst us who are unable to recognize such shortcomings even at this stage, resulting in restlessness and thoughtless behaviour and searching for something that they will never find. 

Hanging around doing great things together with friends who are comfortable with each other whilst being just yourself is such a joy and what good times one can have. When you reach this stage your life feels complete. When you are sure of who your friends are, who you can rely on and confide in and talk the truth to you should be thankful and realize how blessed you are. Hurrah to great friendships and bonding and I wish that everybody finds true friends and be surrounded by them blissfully till the end.


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