That Jolly Season

Dec 08 2017.

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The season is about to get into full swing, in spite of the storm last week Christmas is Christmas and it is the season to be jolly. Even though this year seems to be a bit toned down I assume due to the horrendous cost of things, the housewives are certainly with their eyebrows arched when they hear the price of cashew nuts and certainly other food items are not cheap either. Considering Coconuts are at these high prices the days the famous saying we will have pol
sambol and rice is almost turning into a luxury item these days Nevertheless in anticipation of the Season many of our Colombo socialites had already bought their outfits in hope of flashing them in case any invites pop up. The horror is that they will be dated in a month or two, owing to this the wannabes are desperate to get an invite to a big bash, and awaiting any invitation to dress up and go to, it is time now to look out who is having some event to jump into their glad rags and be spotted after all one must be seeing hob-knobbing at some social event during the season and take a load of selfies and update social media.

Bobsy  Glamwatha  throws a Christmas eve bash at her elegant home annually and has a select lot of guests each year and she always tells Trixie and me that she is amazed at how people try to get an invite to this party which is for her close circle of friends, this year she was even more surprised when she was encountered  by Vulsy and Titsie who she hardly knows at some function who decided to admire her outfit and got into raptures about her, Bobsy was on guard as she knew something was not all tikity boo for these two vulgar creatures to come and dance around her. The next day she receives two gifts from them, one a horrendous crystal vase and the other some loud table runner with an invite to come over to some lunch at a restaurant as they were so happy to get to know her. Bobsy does not take these Noveauriche women easily called them and declined their invitation only to hear them bluntly saying that they were free on Christmas
eve and would love to come over for her dinner. Bobsy was horrified and was shocked to think that women would actually go down to this level for an invite. Trixie who knows Colombo so well only chuckled and said “Beware of those who come bearing gifts” nothing surprises her with Colombo’s social climbers, leave a stool and they will climb that too !!!



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