Self Esteem at work

Jan 19 2018.

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Looking around us we realize that we have progressed somewhat from the dark ages and now have better work environments and some very successful companies. We also believe that equality exists within these workplaces. In short, that all employees are treated in the same way regardless of their differences, be it age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, physical disabilities and all are held in the same esteem as their colleagues. Having a healthy self-esteem is a key to happiness, especially in a workplace, because you go through life with a positive attitude and believe that you can achieve your goals.

Unfortunately, in this country, we learn that some owners of establishments or those holding high management positions in their workplaces behave as if they are untouchable and treat their staff in a very lowly manner. It is also obvious that in some workplaces the staff allow themselves to be treated in such a manner.  In some cases some owners of companies make their employees feel obliged and, even though they may be paid well, are treated like underlings and are seen bossing them around and making them do all types of menial work.

One can easily spot some of these employees when visiting or working in these offices.  How terrified the staff is when the boss arrives.  They all stand to attention and seemingly always wanting to please the boss.  Low esteem is very visible in these instances and the sad part is that the powers that be seem to enjoy being treated like some Gods or demi-Gods, which is quite sickening. 

Too little self-esteem can leave people feeling defeated and depressed and generally leads to fear and is unproductive in the workplace.  When the boss is around, their main aim is to please the boss and results in nothing getting done.  Most often such employees are dented in their self-esteem and have no lives of their own as they are on call to please their boss.  At times, it reaches a stage where if the boss or owner has issues with another in the workplace, they follow suit and fall out with that person in order to please their boss. Such behavior is very prevalent in many workplaces here. Sneaking and sucking up are also almost a past time for some employees who have been broken and have lost all self-esteem just to hold on to their jobs. 

It is time that all employees develop their self-esteem and realize that there is dignity in whatever job they do as long as they are good at it and that they do not need to act in this disgusting manner to please their employer.



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