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Society in general is so messed up that people compete silently for the funniest and strangest of reasons and things. The self-made, who have pots of money attach a lot of importance to themselves and some people actually think that they are know-it-alls about everything from housing to interiors, travel and holidaying, a Monet from a Matisse etc., and sneer at those who seemingly do not know such things.

Mr. and Mrs. Know-it-all cannot visit a person’s new house and enjoy the occasion with some light conversation and whatever food they offer and come back home. Instead, they want to walk around inspecting the house, including the bedroom and toilets, domestic accommodation, garage etc.  Most hosts are happy to accommodate the two Know-at-alls curiosity  as they are proud to show what their money has bought them and what fixtures they have used.  The visit is all merry but the Know-it-all couple are not happy.  Either on the way back home or sometime later you will hear that they criticized how the house or apartment was built and how everything about it was all wrong.  In  reality does their opinion matter?  After all, if the owner is happy with their home and style of living it is no business of any other person.

I dare say it is nice to see beautiful places and things but a look boils down to individuality and taste does differ from one person to another. It is better once the invitation is accepted to go with an open mind, have fun and come back home without, analysing another’s tastes and habits. They too may think that you have bad taste and hopefully learn something by visiting them.

Opinions, if you do not have any that make sense, are best kept to yourself instead of airing it publicly.  After all, one man’s meat maybe another man’s poison, as the saying goes.


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